Saturday, March 8, 2008


Today I was reminded of the ever changing nature of life. I went to a friend's baby shower, which was held close to downtown Houston. I live about 30 miles north of downtown Houston so I don't go there very often because I have no reason to do so. After the shower, I decided to drive by my old apartment building to reminisce. It was about 2 miles away. When I arrived, I was shocked to find it gone. The entire apartment complex had been leveled and all that was left was the foundation.

I must admit that I was extremely saddened by this. That apartment held a lot of memories for me, both of good times and bad. All of those memories came rushing to the surface. I moved to Houston in July 2002 and Allen House Apartments was my first home here. I had chosen the apartment site unseen because I was living in Oregon at the time and I had been accepted to law school at the University of Houston Law Center. I needed to have a location to give to the movers so I did some quick research and then chose Allen House through an Apartment Locater Service. I was nervous choosing a place I'd never seen, but the entire law school thing was a leap of faith so why not take one more leap?

When I arrived in Houston, I realized that leap had been a smart move. The neighborhood was wonderful and the apartments were nice, well-kept, and very affordable. I lived on the third floor in apartment 723. I started law school in that apartment, studied in my recliner chair in the living room, laughed with friends over Chinese food, and cried with friends over lost love (mine and theirs). It was where I lived when I started dating again after my divorce. It was where I realized that I really could make it through law school. It was where my heart was broken and then later, healed. It was where I lived when I met my husband.

There are so many memories, so many feelings. It was just an apartment, but for me it was so much more.


Shelby said...

Oh that was beautiful.. memories stay with us..even tho places change.

Happy Sunday today.

Anonymous said...

That happened to me - went to see my old house and nighborhood on a Navy base and it had ben leveled. I was so unprepared for that.

Dauphyfan said...

It's like losing a piece of you, but at least you have the memories...:)

Jaime said...

I'm sorry to hear its gone now but I'm glad you have fond memories.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes memories are all we have... a beautiful story.