Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Cleaning of the House and of Me

I've been bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug. I look around our house and I see so many projects that I want to complete. I want to organize the kitchen pantry, my home office, purge things from the garage, and just do some general cleaning. Thankfully, I don't have to work on Mondays so I can really get some work done on the house tomorrow. I started today with some basics like sweeping, organizing some paperwork in my home office, and making a list of things to do tomorrow.

Despite not doing a lot of work on home projects, it's been a busy weekend. Saturday night I went to the birthday party of a close friend. I got there early (around 6:45) and helped her set up and then the party got into full swing around 8. I had a lot of fun, but left a little after midnight. I was exhausted. I took a shower when I got home and then crawled into bed. I fell asleep pretty quickly, which is unusual for me. Today I went grocery shopping so I'm ready for the week.

In addition to spring cleaning my home, I'm also planning to do some "spring cleaning" of my health. I've really let myself go in terms of weight this past year and it's time to put a stop to it. I kept telling myself I needed to do something about it, but I didn't time and time again. It's not even about how I look so much as how I feel. I'm really looking forward to being healthy and fit again. I'm ready now.


Kate said...

I hear you about Spring Cleaning! I''m spending my Spring Break cleaning and organizing and I'm actually looking forward to it. =)

Good for you for turning over a new leaf in regard to your health. Sometimes you just need to renew your efforts.

Jaime said...

You're welcome to come spring clean my home! ;) I always dread that time of year.

Anonymous said...

It gets you, doesn't it? I can feel it in the air.