Saturday, March 1, 2008

Trapped Under the Weather

I am sick. Physically sick, not sick in the head...well, at least not today anyway. Dear Husband started feeling the ick on Thursday. I started feeling it on Friday. Today, we are both lethargic and doing anything other than watching TV or surfing the net is too much effort. Thankfully, surfing the net doesn't involve real surfing because I'd have drowned by now. I am also thankful that I got up this morning and got a bunch of stuff done before the ick hit really hard.

I am not a good patient. At all. I don't make a lot of demands or anything, but I do intermittently whine about how I don't feel good and what a tragedy it is that I don't feel good and how someone should give me loads of sympathy because I don't feel good.

Unfortunately, I have to get a lot done for school this weekend so I'm going to get as much sleep tonight as I can (courtesy of TheraFlu Warming Relief Nighttime) and then hit the homework hard tomorrow. I got some of it done last night so that helps.

I'm going to go whine some more now. Have a healthy weekend!


Kate said...

That sucks about being sick. I am also a sick whiner. I just lie on the couch being grouchy and crabby and sometimes moaning. Not prety.

I hope the sleep helped and the homework is going well now. I hate it when you really need to rest to get better, but you have things that you HAVE to do.

Anonymous said...

That's been going around - seems like half the population is sick. Hope you get well soon!