Sunday, April 13, 2008


The entire last week has been one big trip to Funkytown. In other words, I have been in a funk as have many of my friends. I seriously wish I could afford to go hang out by the water in Cozumel for a few months. Barring that, I guess I'll just have to make sure no sharp objects are nearby. Just kidding people, I'm not suicidal, just depressed.

What is it that is making me depressed you ask? Well, my mom is having trouble at her job as is another friend of mine (I count my mother among my friends). Another friend is having relationship troubles. I talked to everyone involved this week about their issues. They called me to cry on my shoulder, which was fine, but it does weigh one down when there are so many in a short time period.

Also, I'm up and down on my healthy eating plan. I exercised three times last week so I felt good about that, but my dietary choices were less than stellar. Exercise is the easy part, it's the diet that gets me. I am determined to be better this week.

So really, it's a bunch of little things that have weighed me down and resulted in an extended stay in Funkytown. Next week, I'm planning to move to the The White Cliffs of Dover, which is way better than Hotel California.


Jaime said...

As you'd said to me before, I too wish we lived close to get be able to get this funk out.

I hope soon you feel a bit better ;)

Anonymous said...

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Dauphyfan said...

The best dietary solution I have found that I can stick to is cutting out about 500 calories a day. It is basically counting calories, but enables you to eat what you want to a point. If you are bad one meal, make up for it the next. Anyhow, Cozumel isn't too far away...:) This blog reminds me I need to update my own.

Shelby said...

funkytown is my home away from home.. cheers and be well..

Anonymous said...

Ah, yeah - different reasons but same stay in Funkytown lately.