Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mommy, you're already beautiful!

I am appalled. I recently heard about a book for children called My Beautiful Mommy. The book is written by a plastic surgeon who explains the process of plastic surgery through the eyes of a young daughter whose mother is having the surgery. The book is illustrated and written at a child's level.

Let me be clear that I have no issue with plastic surgery in general. If it makes you feel better to look better (in your own eyes) then more power to you. Now, if you are going overboard and are never happy with how you look, then you need a psychiatrist and not a plastic surgeon. As with anything else, there are degrees.

What bothers me about this book is the idea that in order to be beautiful, mommy has to undergo plastic surgery. I think that is the message being conveyed. My Beautiful Mommy just seems like a very sad title for such a book. I can understand wanting to explain plastic surgery to children since they are clearly going to notice that mommy has had surgery and/or is bandaged, etc. BUT...couching it in terms of surgery makes one beautiful is just beyond disturbing.

Here is a description of the book from another site:

Illustrations show a crook-nosed mom with loose tummy skin under her half shirt picking up her young daughter early from school one day and taking her to a strapping and handsome "Dr. Michael."

Mom explains she's going to have operations on her nose and tummy and may have to take it easy for a week or so. The girl asks if the operations will hurt, and mom replies, "Maybe a little," warning she'll look different after the bandages come off.

The girl asks: "Why are you going to look different?"

Mom responds: "Not just different, my dear — prettier!"

Not just different, but prettier?! Why not just load your daughter up with body image issues right now and get it over with?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just Ducky

Ok, so this is really weird. You may notice that I've added to my sidebar a quiz I took about "What Book Are You?" It's a fun little quiz that I found on another blog. I think the book chosen for me matches up pretty well.

But here's what is really amazing and what the title of this post describes: I went to the quiz site that the book quiz came from and randomly chose another quiz to take. I picked the "University" quiz. It's supposed to tell you what University you most match up to.

My final result was the University of Oregon! Why is this blog worthy you ask? Because the University of Oregon is my alma mater!! I did my undergrad studies there and I loved it. Apparently, the Blue Pyramid quizzes are spot on. I was almost shocked when it came up with UO.

You're the University of Oregon!

Duck! You like green and yellow and, perhaps most shockingly, green and yellow together. Though you have a strong willingness to clash, you don't necessarily have that much to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Sometimes you're even accused of being all wet. Even though you know it's oppressive and inhumane, you just can't stop wearing Nikes. Still, your favorite McCarthy was Eugene.

Take the University Quiz at the Blue Pyramid.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Wonderful Week

It's been quite a week! It started off on a wonderful note on Monday when our dear friends had their second child. An adorable 7 pound, 11.5 ounce boy has joined their family. I'm already just in love with their first child, a sweet and wonderful girl. I'm thinking this new little one is going to be spoiled by Auntie Lawfrog too. The picture to the right is of the "newbie."

In other news, a good friend of mine started school this week for teaching, which she really wants to do and I think she'll be great at it. It's a great thing when people find their calling in life. No career is ever free of difficulties, but when you do what you love, those difficulties are easier to bear.

This week also marked one month until my best friend and I go on our cruise to Cozumel! I am so, so excited to be going on this trip with her. We've been best friends for 14 years and we've always talked about taking a trip so she can swim with the dolphins. Well, we're doing it! On June 19, we will depart on a Carnival cruise ship for Cozumel, Mexico where we will swim with the dolphins. I did that four years ago when I spent 7 days in Cozumel, but it's going to be even more special with my best friend.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Contain Me

I give blood on a regular basis because I believe in doing that. I even earned my 1 Gallon Donor tea mug last year. However, I hadn't given blood since May 2007 because I'd been sick off and on last year and you're not supposed to donate when you don't feel good. I feel good now so I decided to go today and donate. I showed up, had my iron tested, blood pressure taken and so on. I answered their computerized questions and then...I was turned away! The reason: I visited Jamaica in February when I was on the cruise and there's a malaria warning for Jamaica so I can't donate for another year. I was rather upset because I had really hoped to get back into regular blood donation.

I decided not to let the trip go to waste and I stopped by the grocery store for our weekly grocery shopping and then went to The Container Store. I LOVE The Container Store, but I don't go there often because I could spend a lot of money there. As it was, I only spent $40 today, but I got some great stuff:

Multi-Drawer Cabinets (pictured at the right)

Large Handled Storage Basket

Stationary Case

Business Card File

I picked up pizza for lunch and headed home to Dear Husband. We had pizza and hung out together most of the afternoon. I updated the background and colors on my blog and also added a new section on the sidebar: What I'm Reading. After that, I took a long nap with the kids. I'm still tired so it's definitely going to be an early night for me.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Book Worm

It's been a pretty good day. I got a lot done at work, which was nice. A lot left to do, but isn't that always the case? Also, and this is huge here in Houston, I've found an alternate route to drive home from work that shaves off about 15 minutes from the commute! I live 10 miles from work, but with the traffic in the morning and then again in the evening, it can take anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes to get to work. About a month ago, I found a faster route going to work so I'm thrilled to find a faster route coming home.

So the commute is shorter, but another thing that makes the drive easier is the books on tape I've been listening to lately. All of them are great and had me riveted. The last three I've listened to:

1. A Wedding in December by Anita Shrieve
2. Sanctuary by Nora Roberts
3. Love Her Madly by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith

I'm still listening to Love Her Madly. I'm about halfway through it. Thankfully, I get most of my books, both actual and audio, for "free." I'm on Paperbackswap and recently, J'aime over at Private Universe introduced me to BookMooch.

Both Paperbackswap and BookMooch are trading sites for books of all kinds. I've received several books from both sites and sent out several as well. All you have to do is pay the postage for the books you send out and others do the same. So you get great books for the price of postage, which is WAY less than you can buy them for.

Just today, I got The Memory Keeper's Daughter in paperback from BookMooch. I can't wait to start reading it.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Waxing and Waning

It was a good day for getting things done. I spent all morning sweeping my bangs off to the side in that annoying "get out of my eyes" way that I do when they've gotten too long. I realized that this weekend was going to have to include a bang trim. I also decided that this weekend was also the time to get my eyebrows waxed. I was planning on getting that done last week, but I didn't.

I grabbed something to eat at the drive-thru for lunch and sat in my car listening to the last side of a book on tape. While I was sitting there, I realized that I had about 30 minutes before I had to be back at the office so I drove the mile or so over to Super Cuts. I got my bangs cut and my brows waxed. Ahhhhh...I felt so much better. Not only were my bangs out of my eyes, but I got rid of the unibrow; not to be confused with the unabomber who wrecked so much more havoc than my unibrow.

During a break in the afternoon, I balanced my checkbook and made a plan for the bills I need to pay this month. When I got home, I folded laundry and scrubbed the bathtub. Before I go to bed, I will run the dishwasher and do a load of laundry. Definitely a productive day/evening.

Tomorrow, I plan to stare at the ceiling. All day.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Finger Foods

Warning: this blog is a stream of consciousness so there are no real transitions. Just an amalgam of thoughts.

So I just finished eating chips and dip. The dip was running low so I used my finger to scrap up some of the last remaining bits. If I was in public, I wouldn't do that - etiquette and all you know. But when I'm by myself, I do things like that because it's easier than getting up and getting a knife or some other implement to scrape the dip. Amazing what we do when we're alone that we would never do in front of others.

I'm really glad tomorrow is Friday. I feel the need to sleep in and relax so I'm looking forward to the weekend. I've been trying to relax more lately. I can very easily get into the mode of running myself ragged with chores, to-do lists, and so on. Tonight, I spent about 30 minutes in a hot bath reading a magazine. Peanut came to visit me once or twice. It was nice getting to read in a cozy bath and petting my baby every once in awhile. Peanut always relaxes me.

Work is going well and I'm enjoying what I am doing. The people there are great and I have no real complaints. Yes, yes it is true. I have found a job I love with a great working environment. I too cannot believe it and I often pinch myself to be sure it's not a dream. So far, all I've gotten is a bunch of pinch marks so I'm going to assume it's real.

Right now, I'm watching Most Evil: Cult Leaders on TV. Very interesting stuff. Since I started studying psychology for my M.A. degree, I have taken a greater interest in this type of thing. I say greater because I've always had an interest in it. It's just become heightened now that I am understanding more about the behavior of others and what makes us do the things we do.

Speaking of school, I finished my classes for the term this week and I made straight A's. I'm proud of myself for that. I love what I am studying and the knowledge I am gaining.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Perfect Monday

It's been a quiet Monday at home for me. I have Mondays off and I was glad of it today because it was pouring rain when I got up this morning to see Dear Husband off to work. It continued pouring for most of the morning and into the afternoon. I got a few things done and then around 10:30 a.m., the fur kids and I went back to bed and had a great nap until 1 p.m. During that time, the electricity went off so I had to get up and deal with the backups beeping. Turned them off and went back to sleep. Nothing like a good nap during a major storm.

In addition to enjoying the weather under the covers, I also finished my last exam for this semester. I am now done with the two classes I was taking. I start summer school in early June so I have roughly a month off now. Other than that, I've just been puttering around the house not doing much of anything really. I watched Dr. Phil and Oprah, talked briefly to a friend, did a quick e-mail for work, and played around on message boards. Tonight, I will have dinner with a friend at a favorite restaurant and then return home to a hot bath and a comfortable bed to curl up in for a great night's sleep. The perfect Monday and Mon-night if you will!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Ah, it is Friday at last. I love Fridays, especially when I have nothing to do for the weekend ahead. Well, nothing that involves anyone else anyway. I have tons on my to-do list that I plan to remove this weekend, but it's nice not to have anything specific to do, anywhere to be, and so on.

Tomorrow will consist of sleeping in, then getting my eyebrows waxed. They need it SO badly. I'm not a girly girl type who does the whole mani/pedi twice a week thing, but I do like to have my brows cleaned up.

It's been a fairly good week. Yesterday, I got a call from a friend who was having a rough time of it. We made plans to meet so she could talk. She felt better by the end of the evening, which was good. She has a lot going on right now, most of which is good, but there's one pressing situation that keeps getting worse and she needed to talk about it/make plans to remove herself from it. She'll be coming over on Sunday so I can help her execute the plan.

After my bitter blog on Wednesday (see below), things got a lot better. I can't wait to start the weekend. In fact, I'm going to go now to begin it with my head on my fluffy pillow and my precious Peanut at my feet. Good night all!