Sunday, May 18, 2008

Contain Me

I give blood on a regular basis because I believe in doing that. I even earned my 1 Gallon Donor tea mug last year. However, I hadn't given blood since May 2007 because I'd been sick off and on last year and you're not supposed to donate when you don't feel good. I feel good now so I decided to go today and donate. I showed up, had my iron tested, blood pressure taken and so on. I answered their computerized questions and then...I was turned away! The reason: I visited Jamaica in February when I was on the cruise and there's a malaria warning for Jamaica so I can't donate for another year. I was rather upset because I had really hoped to get back into regular blood donation.

I decided not to let the trip go to waste and I stopped by the grocery store for our weekly grocery shopping and then went to The Container Store. I LOVE The Container Store, but I don't go there often because I could spend a lot of money there. As it was, I only spent $40 today, but I got some great stuff:

Multi-Drawer Cabinets (pictured at the right)

Large Handled Storage Basket

Stationary Case

Business Card File

I picked up pizza for lunch and headed home to Dear Husband. We had pizza and hung out together most of the afternoon. I updated the background and colors on my blog and also added a new section on the sidebar: What I'm Reading. After that, I took a long nap with the kids. I'm still tired so it's definitely going to be an early night for me.


Jaime said...

Hey ;) I just wanted to thank you for all your well wishes and support recently, it means so much.

And if only I could be half as organized as you! ;)

Anonymous said...

That's too bad about the blood donor thing. I'm a complete needle phobe, which motivates me to stay under the weight limit so I don't have to feel like such a weenie for not donating.