Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just Ducky

Ok, so this is really weird. You may notice that I've added to my sidebar a quiz I took about "What Book Are You?" It's a fun little quiz that I found on another blog. I think the book chosen for me matches up pretty well.

But here's what is really amazing and what the title of this post describes: I went to the quiz site that the book quiz came from and randomly chose another quiz to take. I picked the "University" quiz. It's supposed to tell you what University you most match up to.

My final result was the University of Oregon! Why is this blog worthy you ask? Because the University of Oregon is my alma mater!! I did my undergrad studies there and I loved it. Apparently, the Blue Pyramid quizzes are spot on. I was almost shocked when it came up with UO.

You're the University of Oregon!

Duck! You like green and yellow and, perhaps most shockingly, green and yellow together. Though you have a strong willingness to clash, you don't necessarily have that much to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Sometimes you're even accused of being all wet. Even though you know it's oppressive and inhumane, you just can't stop wearing Nikes. Still, your favorite McCarthy was Eugene.

Take the University Quiz at the Blue Pyramid.

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Dauphyfan said...

Couldn't be anymore on the money :)