Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mommy, you're already beautiful!

I am appalled. I recently heard about a book for children called My Beautiful Mommy. The book is written by a plastic surgeon who explains the process of plastic surgery through the eyes of a young daughter whose mother is having the surgery. The book is illustrated and written at a child's level.

Let me be clear that I have no issue with plastic surgery in general. If it makes you feel better to look better (in your own eyes) then more power to you. Now, if you are going overboard and are never happy with how you look, then you need a psychiatrist and not a plastic surgeon. As with anything else, there are degrees.

What bothers me about this book is the idea that in order to be beautiful, mommy has to undergo plastic surgery. I think that is the message being conveyed. My Beautiful Mommy just seems like a very sad title for such a book. I can understand wanting to explain plastic surgery to children since they are clearly going to notice that mommy has had surgery and/or is bandaged, etc. BUT...couching it in terms of surgery makes one beautiful is just beyond disturbing.

Here is a description of the book from another site:

Illustrations show a crook-nosed mom with loose tummy skin under her half shirt picking up her young daughter early from school one day and taking her to a strapping and handsome "Dr. Michael."

Mom explains she's going to have operations on her nose and tummy and may have to take it easy for a week or so. The girl asks if the operations will hurt, and mom replies, "Maybe a little," warning she'll look different after the bandages come off.

The girl asks: "Why are you going to look different?"

Mom responds: "Not just different, my dear — prettier!"

Not just different, but prettier?! Why not just load your daughter up with body image issues right now and get it over with?


Anonymous said...

Someone else posted aboutthis book. It's disgusting. I do have an issue with plastic surgery simply for vanity's sake (as opposed to reconstructive surgery or surgery to correct a deformity). I think it's altering our ideas about what normal beauty looks like. And the owrst of it is breast augemtation, which not only sets a false standard but impairs women''s ability to burse babies - the primary funciton of breasts, after all - and to detect breast cancer. I think most plastic surgeons are a pox on our culture.

Jaime said...

I too heard about this book (I think on

As a Mother of two girls I'm terrified of how our society perceives "beauty". It's no longer about those natural curves, it's about huge breasts on a stick thin figure.

citizenoftheworld, you are right about breastfeeding after augmentation. It's the reason I refrained from a reduction when I was younger. And what do you know, as I've gotten older and nursed my children it's no longer an issue. I'm no expert but I'd wager a guess to say, "just like nature intended" all along?

Shelby said...

it IS disgusting... unbelievable really - yet I do believe it.


take care today and have a wonderful day!:)

Shelby said...

btw - I ABSOLUTELY LOVED your story in my comments about the judge who helped you fill out the filing you needed in Court! Exceptional story. I would remember that too for a very long time.