Sunday, June 8, 2008

Keeping The Memory and The Secret

I've been really busy lately. I'm working, getting ready to go on a cruise with my best friend in less than two weeks, and I'm in Spring cleaning mode as well. I am in love with The Container Store. They have some fantastic items there that have really helped me to get things organized. I recently bought a Folding Trunk Organizer, a couple of plastic bins that pull out for the bathroom pantry, a make-up organizer, and some other items that have made things more organized at home. It's definitely a work in progress, but I'm liking how it's coming along.

In addition to all that, I've been reading more lately. I love reading and when I was in law school, I had to put it aside for my studies. Even though I am doing my M.A. now, it's easier to read for pleasure because my M.A. studies are not as all-consuming as law school was. I recently finished The Memory Keeper's Daughter and I HIGHLY recommend it. It kept my interest all the way along and I was almost upset when I couldn't read because I was too tired or what have you. There are places where I felt the book was overly descriptive, but overall it is definitely a worthwhile read.

It follows the story of a doctor who delivers his twins during a snowstorm. One is born healthy, the other has Down Syndrome. The year is 1964 and the doctor, wanting to spare his wife the difficulties of raising a child with Down Syndrome, gives the baby to his nurse and instructs her to take the baby to an institution - a common practice for disabled children in that time. The doctor then tells his wife that the second baby was born dead.

Rather than leave the baby in the institution, a cold and sterile place, the nurse takes the baby to another city and raises her on her own. The doctor's deception follows his "perfect" family through the next 25 years. This book will force you to think about deception, good intentions, and the pain that can be caused by both.

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Jaime said...

I LOVE the Memory Keeper's Daughter. I think I read it front cover to cover in a day. ;)