Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oh My God, It's Sunday!!

I can't believe it's Sunday. My best friend will be here Wednesday from Portland, Oregon, as will my dad, who is coming down from San Antonio. He will be driving Britt and me to the cruise ship, which is roughly an hour from where I live. That's a huge plus to living in a large city - airports and cruise ship terminals are fairly close.

Anyway, I have about two days to finish some major projects. I usually don't work on Mondays, but I will be working tomorrow so I can finish the big project that was placed in my lap last week. I may try and get out an hour or two early so I can finish my other, more personal, projects like picking up some last minute items for the cruise and finishing my dad's Father's Day gift. I will be giving it to him on Wednesday when he arrives so I need to get it done before then. Tomorrow night will be devoted to finishing it up.

I am SO looking forward to this trip so I don't really mind the last minute scrambling. It makes being on the ship all the more relaxing - I will have scrambled to finish things right up to the last minute so lying by the pool will be such a relief.


Jaime said...

I'm so excited for you!!! I just know you're going to have a wonderful time ;D

Dauphyfan said...

I know what you mean by feeling the pressure of having everything ready and all systems go for launch. :) We will leave the dock and let out a big sigh of relief. Must rush out to the starbird bow (is that the right ship lingo?) to feel like queens of the world!