Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Cleaning

I'm in spring cleaning mode once again. I know it's summer, but "summer cleaning" doesn't have the same ring to it. Saturday, I went in to dust some of the frog knick-knacks in my bedroom. I lifted them off the shelf they sit on and dusted them, then decided to dust the shelf. The dust came off in sheets. SHEETS, people!! Yeah, I hadn't dusted it in a long time. So, I finished up that, then started going through some of the things on my bedroom shelf and my bureau. I got rid of some old magazines, I dusted and rearranged some books, I cleaned the old wax out of my glass candle holders, and now...well, it won't be appearing in Better Homes and Gardens anytime soon, but it's definitely a few steps up from where it was.

Yesterday, the cleaning spree continued with my scrapbook room. While I watched my favorite TV Show, Army Wives, I cleaned up the mess from my latest project (a scrapbook for my dad), and rearranged some things that I had tossed in there that piled up. I also sorted my scrapbook paper into its proper place and arranged some things. It looks 100% better in there now. It's all organized and ready for my next project.

Today, I will be organizing my paperwork in my "home office," which is really just my dining room table. I have the paperwork in labeled drawers, but I need to go through it and finally do something with it all.

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