Sunday, August 31, 2008

Feet on Fire and some M&Ms

I am still in Las Vegas with Dear Husband. We arrived on Friday and we leave tomorrow, which is terribly depressing for me. I LOVE it here and have had such a great time. Friday was an easy day for us. We got here mid-afternoon and had a leisurely evening. We unpacked, rested, and then headed downstairs to the Mexican restaurant here in the Hilton. We didn't want to venture out for food since we were both tired from the flight. The food was great and afterward, we walked around the hotel a bit then went to our room for relaxation.

Saturday was quite a contrast to Friday. We had a good breakfast and then headed out to the strip to see the hotels and shop. Walking was our transportation method of choice. Our first stop was Bonanza Gift and Souvenir Shop where we loaded up on souvenirs. The Stratosphere was next. We walked around the shops there and Dear Husband was going to ride the coaster, but it was closed.

After that, we hit the strip itself where we visited more souvenir shops and we each had a slurpee. Yes, a real slurpee at a real 7-11. We do not have 7-11's in Texas so we get the cheap, knock-off slurpees that just aren't the same. I realize it's a sad commentary on Dear Husband and I, but the slurpees are right up there with the great things we've seen and done on this trip.

After slurpee heaven, we ventured to the Wynn Hotel, which was AMAZING! It reeks opulence everywhere and the waterfall outside was fantastic. It was so peaceful standing there, watching the water. We were both tired at that point having walked several miles and our feet were on fire. We both felt that our feet would fall off before we made it back to our hotel, but thankfully, they decided to stick with us for the duration.

After we'd rested our feet and I had a nice, long soak in the tub, we headed to the Star Trek Experience here in the Hilton. We were both beyond grateful not to have to go anywhere since our feet were still doing a slow burn. I did the Star Trek Experience in 2004 and loved it. Dear Husband thought it was fantastic. We made it just in time - it's closing tomorrow! It's been running for 10 years. We followed up the Experience with dinner at Quark's Bar and Restaurant.

Today, we are heading out to see more hotels and of course the M&M and Coke museum, which Dear Husband is eager to see. I am too actually. I've been here before, but this is his first trip so I decided to let him choose what he'd like to see. I've never been to the M&M museum so that will be fun for us both.

Viva Las Vegas!

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Dauphyfan said...

I told Kev that the Star Trek exhibit was closing for good and that made him sad that he'll never get to see it. Cool that your DH did tho! Soak those tootsies!