Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm not Aesop, I just play him on Blogger

So there's a hurricane in the gulf. It's not likely to be a bad one, it's at Category 1 as of tonight, which is the lowest category for hurricanes. It's supposed to make landfall at Galveston, which is a good hour south of where I'm at. That means we'll get a lot of rain up here, but nothing we can't handle. Our street and backyard will probably flood, but we've been there before. It eventually recedes and all returns to normal. I've never been one to be afraid of weather disasters, in fact I am fascinated by them. That is not to say I'd want to be trapped on the roof of my submerged house ala Hurricane Katrina, but I find storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and such very interesting.

On another note, I thought about something today that I also find interesting. Why is it that when someone is concerned about something in your life, they discuss it with their spouse, mutual friends, etc., but they never bring it to your attention? This has happened to me and friends of mine and it just makes me wonder...if you have a concern about a person, their relationship, their job, or anything else, why discuss it with others? Why not tell the person directly? That just seems like the more respectful thing to do.

A good example of this (which hasn't happened to me personally, THANK GOD, but has happened to people I know) is when you know someone's husband/wife is having an affair and the husband/wife finds out about it and subsequently learns that all his/her friends knew, but no one wanted to say anything. In that case, it would be like being betrayed not only by your spouse, but all your friends too. They all knew that your spouse was making a complete fool out of you and yet, they said nothing.

Now, on the one hand, I can understand that sometimes the person won't believe you anyway. On the other hand, it's worth telling them so that when the dust settles, they will know at least one person wasn't hiding something from them.

That is just one of many examples. It amazes me how everyone is so afraid of confrontation or bad news that they will talk to everyone except the person who really needs to hear the information. The moral of the blog today? Don't be afraid to be direct. Talk to the person who is involved with the situation and not every other person around them.


Dauphyfan said...

Well put. Being direct can take big kahunas, but it can be cathartic in the long run.

Amber said...

I completely agree. I had a friend tell me recently that another friend confided in her that she was worried about me. I understand what she was trying to do in discussing it with our mutual friend, but I *really* wish she would've just told me.