Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Viva Las Vegas...and School Daze

School started for me yesterday. I'm taking a full load of graduate courses this term, which equals 9 credits. My classes are Ethics and the Practice of Psychology, Theories of Psychotherapy, and Advanced Abnormal Psychology. Abnormal Psychology covers "Are you crazy?" ADVANCED Abnormal Psychology covers "Are you really crazy?" The answer to both is yes and yes. I am crazy about somethings and really crazy about others.

I downloaded the syllabi for my classes yesterday. I've received three of the six textbooks I ordered. The others should be here any day now. I'm excited about what I'm studying and I really love all that I am learning. It's a very different experience from anything else I've ever studied in college. It's fascinating and useful on a daily basis because let's face it- we're all crazy in some form or another. The question is "Are we crazy...or really crazy?"

Speaking of crazy, Dear Husband and I are headed to Las Vegas this weekend for some crazy fun. This trip was a generous birthday gift from my father to Dear Husband and I get the benefit of it as well of course. My dad wanted Dear Husband to see the Star Trek Experience at The Hilton. My dad and I went to the Star Trek Experience in 2004 and we both loved it. I am also planning on getting tickets to Cirque Du Soliel. I've always wanted to see a show and there are plenty of options in Vegas. They have Mystere, O, Ka, Love, and Zumanity. I'm not sure which one we'll be seeing yet, but I'm buying tickets tomorrow so we will decide tonight.

In addition to all the fun things we will do, I'm also looking forward to relaxing poolside with a good book. I'm not always a pool person, but I do love hanging out at them when I am at hotels. It's so nice to just veg by the water. Viva Las Vegas!

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Dauphyfan said...

Lucky duck! I hear O takes place underwater. Have a fabulous time and spill all when you get back!