Monday, October 13, 2008

School House Rocks!

So last night and today, I was rocking the school house, which is actually my dining room table. I am taking three classes (considered a full-load in grad school) this semester so I've been very, very busy with schoolwork. I have an exam this week that I will need to do a lot of studying for, but overall I feel good about where I am with all the material I'm studying.

I sat down the other day and mapped out my class schedule for the remainder of my program. It's not entirely accurate in that I don't know what classes will be offered exactly, but basically they tend to offer certain classes during certain semesters so I can get a good idea of what I will take and when. It looks like I will be graduating in Spring 2010.

That will be two years and one semester from start to finish. A typical Master's degree takes two years if you're going full-time so I feel good that I'm able to get it done with only one extra semester. It's been tough to work while completing this degree, but it's great to have a paycheck AND be able to complete my degree.

Next semester will be a lighter load with only two classes, but I will probably be driving to Victoria every Saturday once again for one of the classes. It's 310 miles round-trip and I did it when I first started my program in the fall of 2007. I usually left early Saturday morning and spent the night. There were times when I would drive back on Saturday after class, but that is somewhat exhausting so I will likely not do that often this time around. My job is very flexible so I will switch my day off from Monday to Friday so I can drive to Victoria during the day on Friday and not have such a rushed schedule. I can go to class on Saturday and then drive back that same day since I will have been able to rest on Friday night.

Ok, I must go hit the books again. They don't seem to like it when I smack them around, but people say hitting the books is the best way to learn so I'm going to get my sledgehammer out. I ought to be a genuis after hitting the books with that!


Beth said...

Hangeth thou in will be so happy when it's a done deal!

Jaime said...

You are inspiring, seriously, I want to get back into school asap! I'm so glad your back, blogging and doing ok!

Kate said...

Keep up the good work! You're inspiring me--I'm wrestling with the idea of a Masters so I can have the option of teaching dual-credit/community college.