Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And miles to go before I sleep

I finished my term paper on Monday afternoon, but I now face a new challenge - a second term paper for a different class. It is due December 1 and I plan to start on it this weekend in the hopes of having it finished before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the holiday without worrying about the paper.

We'll be spending the holiday with my dad in San Antonio. We went there last year for Thanksgiving as well, but it was not the happy celebration we had hoped. Dear Husband had bronchitis and we ended up with him in the ER on Thanksgiving Day. I'm hoping he will be in better health this year and can enjoy the holiday with us.

But before I even get to Thanksgiving, I have a lot of work to complete - the term paper I mentioned above, my general homework assignments, and keeping up with life. That last one isn't always easy when I am working by day and burying myself in books by night. Still, I am grateful for the chance to go to school, to complete this degree, to have a job. I have miles to go before I sleep, but I walk them with a heart full of gratitude for the opportunity.

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Dauphyfan said...

Love the quote and by my favorite poet. =) As I grade papers and fill out report cards this weekend, I will send good thoughts your way that you'll fly through this next paper and to your profs to give you a great grade!