Saturday, November 1, 2008

Christmas on Halloween

Yesterday, we had a great time at work because everyone came dressed up for Halloween. I went as Mountain Dew. I bought a Mountain Dew T-Shirt, hat, and pajama pants. I paired all that with fuzzy green slippers. It worked great. My co-workers came as a surgeon, a hipster, a jogger, and batman. We took a group picture and then separate pictures too. I would post it here, but it's on my work computer.

Last night, I had a very productive evening. I went to Half Price Books, which is one of my very favorite places. I bought Christmas gifts there for 12 people for under $100. I was shocked that it was that cheap and I was SO thrilled to mark several people off my list. I mostly bought for our nieces and nephews (and also the kids of our friends who are our honorary nieces and nephews), but I also got a couple of things for my parents as well.

I came home and helped Dear Husband hand out candy. He had been handing it out for a couple of hours before and gave me a few updates via text message while I was out. We have fun on Halloween since we live in a subdivison so all the kids hit up our house. Our fur kids loved seeing all the kids dressed up too. Dear Husband created a barrier by the door so the kids could see the trick or treaters, but couldn't bark at them and sniff at them.

We have some candy left over. Not a huge amount, but some. My favorites are in there - Butterfingers. I may have one...or two...or...well anyway, I wouldn't want to waste perfectly good candy.

Hope everyone had a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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Dauphyfan said...

Stupid question, but what exactly is a hipster? :)