Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good Times in San Antonio

We had a great day today in San Antonio. Dear Husband and I slept in, which is always nice. Dad made us a great breakfast this morning and then we hung out for most of the day. We watched TV, played on the computer, and just relaxed. Later in the afternoon, we got ready to go to dinner at Fortune Cookie Chinese Buffet. It was really good.

We followed dinner with a drive through downtown San Antonio to see the lights on the trees at the Alamo and also the annual Christmas tree in front of the Alamo. It was beautiful! We then headed to the dollar movie theater. Dear Husband saw Eagle Eye and my dad and I watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua. It was an ADORABLE movie and definitely worth seeing. I love movies that are just plain fun. It's fun to see the thrillers and action movies sometimes too, but for the holidays, I was just in the mood for something cute and Beverly Hills Chihuahua definitely fit that bill.

We came back to my dad's house and kicked back, each of us doing our own thing and watching some TV. It was so much fun and a very nice, relaxed evening. Today we will be going to Half-Price Books (a huge favorite of mine!), dinner at a nice steakhouse, and then to the comedy club, which is always worth the trip. I laugh so hard every time we go there. There's nothing like a good dose of laughter to set your mind right so to speak.

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