Friday, January 30, 2009

Back Together

So tonight I finished up the paperwork for a pro bono (fancy legal term meaning "free") divorce I've been working on for my neighbor. I go to her house to deliver the paperwork and it turns out that she and her husband have gotten back together. This is a very good thing. I always love it when people can make their marriages work. It's truly a beautiful thing. So that was a piece of good news for the evening!

The rest of my evening was spent finally getting things off my to-do list and my table too! I've had lots of paperwork, mail, forms to fill out, and so on waiting on my table for quite some time. It's all sorted and filed now, with a few things left out for me to complete. It feels good to have some order to the chaos around here.

Dear Husband and I are getting up early tomorrow morning to travel to Victoria for my class and then we're heading on to San Antonio to hang out with my dad. The dogs will be making the journey with us. I will sleep in the back of Dear Husband's car with the dogs all around me on the drive to Victoria and probably the drive to San Antonio as well. It will be nice to see my dad. We're going to a play on Saturday night and I always enjoy those. We go to the same place, a dinner theatre, and it's SO amazing. The food is good and the acting is excellent. We'll return to Houston probably in the afternoon/early evening on Sunday.

That's my life for the next two days. See y'all on Sunday and I may or may not have something interesting to say next week. We'll see what life brings. Stay tuned!

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