Saturday, January 17, 2009

Surround Sound

When I lay down and attempt to go to sleep (because sleep eludes me frequently), all kinds of things run through my head. I think about things I need to do at work, papers I need to complete for school or blog posts I should write. I think about my grocery list, the chores I need to do, things I need to clean out, things to donate...the list goes on and on.

The other night, I decided to try something different. I got into bed, turned off the lights, and with Peanut curled up next to me, I decided to listen to the sounds surrounding me. It was very relaxing and I fell asleep within 30 minutes, which is unusual for me. When I stopped to really listen, I heard the sound of train whistles in the distance, the rhythmic sound of Peanut breathing next to me, and the sounds of nature outside. My mind wasn't racing with thoughts and plans, but rather it was relaxing to the sounds of life around me.

Quite often, we get so caught up in the world that we fill our minds with the "loudness" of life. Rather than filling our minds all the time...STOP. And listen. Listen to the sounds of your children laughing, the sounds of your pets breathing and dreaming, the sounds of the wind blowing outside. These are things that make up the world, the things that make us tune in to what is really important. Try it sometime. When you get quiet, you'll be surprised how loudly the world speaks to you about all that is really important.


Shelby said...

oh sleep is a problem for me to so often.. I shall try this..

hey-i sure do appreciate the kudos you gave me on my lsat coming up...cross your fingers..

take care and happy Sunday today!

Paula said...

I really needed this post today. I generally don't have a hard time sleeping, but I have been feeling overwhelmed the last few days with all the things I need (sometimes want) to complete and do. Sitting quietly for a few minutes sure could help put things into perspective!
Happy Sleeping!