Monday, March 2, 2009


Wow. I can't believe people sometimes. I watch a lot of crime TV and of course, as part of my psychology program, I read a lot about abnormal psychology. At the moment, I am watching a story about a husband of 15 years who tried several different means of killing his wife. He started with placing his children's toys on the stairs like matchbox cars, marbles, and so forth. That didn't work.

He then moved on to rat poison in his wife's food and drink. His wife thought something was wrong so she stopped eating and drinking the food at home. She still wasn't sure though so she stayed with him. Since he couldn't poison her through food or drink, he went one step further...he put the rat poison on the outside of a condom before they had sex. His wife was horribly ill with stomach flu symptoms, but it didn't kill her. Long story short, he went away on a business trip, the wife changed the locks, he went to jail, and she divorced him.

As a divorce attorney, I've heard a lot of weird stories. And when I say weird, I mean really weird. But regardless of the odd things going on in people's marriages, none of them were murderous. I suppose I should give credit to people for getting divorced as opposed to murdering their spouses. It's just amazing to me that anyone would consider homicide (outside of the situations where it is warranted such as self-defense). As a lawyer and soon-to-be therapist, I realize there are a number of factors that go into someone's choices in terms of murder, but at the end of the day, it still is just so sad that anyone would be so desperate (in any way) as to consider killing their spouse.


Kate said...

I have a hard time comprehending it, too. We used to watch The New Detectives which is a pre-CSI show about forensics and such. We called it the Murder Show or the Don't Get Married Show. More than half the time it was a spouse killing the other.

One woman put arsenic (I think) in her husband's iced tea jug that he took to work and then served the leftovers for dinner so she and the daughter would show enough poisoning to make it look like they were all victims. So, she was not only willing to kill her husband, but also possibly her daughter.

Jaime said...

Wow. That's insane and terrifying.