Monday, March 9, 2009


I love gymnastics. I have been following elite (Olympic-level) gymnastics forever. Therefore, I couldn't miss Shawn Johnson on Dancing with the Stars (DWTS). Johnson took home four medals in gymnastics from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

This is the 8th season of DWTS and it's the 1st season I have watched it. Why? Because reality shows are not my thing. At all. There is a glut of "reality" shows on television that are really nothing but MUD (Made Up Drama). I am not one who enjoys drama. I don't think it's entertaining to watch someone argue with their roommate or cry and scream about their housemate who is apparently a slut or whatever. That is not reality TV people. It's MUD presented by the spoonful to the masses, who eat it up.

I am especially disturbed by shows depicting families. Jon and Kate (Gosselin) + Eight is beyond sick in my eyes. I watched a few of the shows and had to stop. Kate verbally abuses her husband regularly and heaps a ton of emotional abuse on her kids. Neither of the adults work. People keep claiming that Jon has an IT business from home. how much money is he bringing in because they recently moved into a $1.3 million home. I'm thinking his little at-home IT business, if it even exists, isn't bringing in enough to support that kind of lifestyle. What is bringing in enough to support it are the eight children who shouldn't be supporting their families at 8 and 4 years old.

Everyone is up in arms about Nadya Suleman and her octuplets, but Jon and Kate are pretty much the same. They admitted they couldn't afford the sextuplets and yet, they went through fertility treatments again anyway. They accepted welfare in the form of heating payments (and probably other things as well) when Jon lost his job while she was pregnant. They claim he lost his job because his employer didn't want to provide health insurance for a family of that size. His employer said that he was making personal calls and surfing the Internet at work basically shopping around his family's story before the kids were even born. He was said to have stated to co-workers that with the birth of the sextuplets, he "would never have to work again." I guess that "worked" out for him.

And we wonder why people have litters of children. We lash out at Suleman while lauding the Gosselin family. I believe what Suleman did is outrageous and do not at all support it. But as a society, let's get on the same page OK? If we're going to call Suleman an idiot and a societal leach, then let's not give a TV show, free vacations, and a million-dollar home to people who basically did the same thing.

Short story long, my feelings about reality shows being MUD have stopped me from watching them. However, I have to say that shows such as DWTS, American Idol and Amazing Race are excused from the MUD label for reality shows. Those three shows actually require people to have talent. This is particularly true of DWTS. There is nothing harder than learning the dances and then performing them in front of millions of people. American Idol also requires some degree of talent and has launched real careers in which people work hard to be successful. Amazing Race is another show that requires skill and team work.

So I am watching DWTS. But don't try to suck me into Survivor, Big Brother, or any of those other "cameras watching people and producers telling them what to do" shows. Much like the shows themselves, it would be a wasted effort.


Dauphyfan said...

Yay! You have finally crossed over to the dark side of reality. Hehehe. I think you're gonna really get a kick out of DWTS this season. I got hooked a few years ago and now look forward to it each season. Finally figured out where I've seen Gilles Marini...he was Samantha's hot, naked neighbor in SATC the Movie! My next goal is to reel you bait and hook you into watching American Idol. You'll enjoy it once you give it a try. I'll leave you alone about the others, or at least I promise to try. =P

Dauphyfan said...

Oops, I forgot to add that Shawn was awesome tonight! She's gonna do well this season.

Sfrajett said...

Wow, I always thought the Gosselin family was creepy. Thanks for confirming! I am also addicted to octo-mom. There's some weird fascination there.

Jaime said...

I've never seen the Jon and Kate plus 8. I was always kind of weirded out by it to be honest. I missed the premiere of DWTS though (doh!) I'm glad you're enjoying it, I adore Mark Ballas!

Kate said...

Not a fan of the Gosselin family for many of the reasons you stated. Joel McHale on The Soup said something about John's new show--John Minus Nine. He just looks so miserable to me.