Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ignorance uses less paper

So here's the problem with being involved in more than one profession - you join the profession's state or national groups for the benefits of access to research materials, networking, and discounts on hotels, car rentals, and so on. In some cases, there is no choice. Being an attorney in Texas means being a member of the State Bar.

I am currently a member of The State Bar of Texas, The American Bar Association(ABA), and The American Psychological Association (APA). Three groups for two professions and all of them send me a ton of material all the time.

The State Bar sends The Texas Bar Journal every month and Texas Super Lawyers once every few months. The APA sends GradPsych (four times a year), The Monitor (once a month), and the American Psychologist (nine times a year). The ABA sends The ABA Journal once a month. In addition to all of those, I receive the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) materials informing me of upcoming seminars and classes. Those show up about once a week.

With all that, people still ask me if I will go on to get a Ph.D. in Psychology. I don't think so - when would I have time to read all the material that would inevitably come with that?? I think I'll stick with the six periodicals that I don't read now.


Anonymous said...

I swtiched to getting what I could through email. I don't read it anyway, so at least I am having to recycle less paper.

Lawfrog said...

Good idea about switching to e-mail, that's what I need to do. I do recycle all the materials so that makes me feel better, but I really ought to just stop getting some or all of it.