Friday, April 17, 2009

When it Rains

I woke up this morning and it was relatively calm outside. I let the dogs out and they romped around the back yard. And then...the wind started blowing. The thunder showed up to the party followed closely by the rain. And then lightening made its big entrance.

Personally, I love storms. I always have. I love being home, curled up under the blankets with a good book or taking a nap and letting the storm lull me to sleep. Unfortunately, not everyone in our house is a fan of storms. Poor Norman, our little white shih tzu, is terrified of them. I was sitting at my laptop playing around on the net when Normie came over and begged me to pick him up. I did and snuggled with him for a bit. About five minutes into having him on my lap, a huge crack of thunder exploded outside. It even startled me and that's saying a lot since I am not generally surprised by that. It was SO loud. I was glad I had Normie in my arms at the time because the poor guy probably would have been freaked out if he had been on the ground.

Later, I tried to put Normie on the couch with his brother, Chip (another shih tzu), and his sister, Peanut, but he wasn't having any of that. Finally, I decided we'd all go take a nap and just cuddle up together under the covers. The kids were all kinds of happy about that and Normie got right up next to me. We all napped and then I made the kids go outside to do their business. They were not so much happy about that. Peanut was ok because she is tall so she doesn't get as wet and really, she likes to romp in the backyard no matter what. Chip and Norman were not having any of it until I made them go into the yard.

They were all quite happy to be back inside and who can blame them? The picture to the right is our porch area at the moment. Anyone want to go swimming?

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