Sunday, May 24, 2009

Up, Up, and Awake

So here I am awake at 1:42 a.m. I haven't been able to get back on a regular sleeping schedule in the last couple of weeks and I'm giving up on it for the moment.

I've been working on a divorce decree tonight and by so doing I have been assured, once again, that getting out of family law and into counseling is the best possible decision for me. I didn't mind family law when I was first starting out as an attorney, but now four years into the profession, I just can't see it as a lifelong thing. I am too practical and fair a person to deal with people in this field. Practical and fair don't blend with divorce because emotions run high and people want revenge, which automatically makes them impractical and unfair. Revenge is not a good motive for anything, it never ends well for anyone.

Still, I enjoy the law because there is so much you can do with it to assist people in getting a fair and reasonable outcome for their particular situation. I will always keep my law license active because every once in awhile, I come across people who just need to extricate themselves from an unfortunate situation with relatives, spouses, etc. I am happy to help those people get what they need. Those who want revenge though? They're on their own.

All that said, I am very much looking forward to turning the bulk of my attention to counseling. That is where I feel I can make a real difference for people. It's very rewarding to help someone reclaim their power and move forward to a more productive, fulfilling life. I'm excited about being a part of that process. I am almost halfway through my counseling program so it will be another year before I can start working in the field (outside of the practicums I have to do as part of the classes I take). If my previous stints in school are any indication, that year will fly by and I will be in the trenches before I know it!


Anonymous said...

Jut so you know, when you are doing therapy you will still have to deal with people consumed by bitterness adn revenge. Some will be able to let it go and move forward, some will not.

Lawfrog said...

I know there will be much bitterness and revenge in therapy as well. The difference is that I can delve into the reasoning for it in therapy. It's harder to do that in the legal arena. Whether they let it go or not, at least I have a shot at helping. Not so in the legal field.

Dauphyfan said...

Sorry you haven't been able to count sheep lately. I know you are a good fit for the counseling field...hate to say I told you so...but I knew you would make a great therapist one day! Bitterness aside, you will make a difference in so many other ways and that does a body a good!