Thursday, June 18, 2009

Money, Milk Bones, and Friendship

I'm recovering from vacation still, which pretty much entails being depressed that I am not ON vacation. This requires a lot of sighing and sorting through pictures of said vacation and thinking about how to go on vacation again soon. Which then brings up thoughts of how I should make some money because money is required for vacations and I have no money so then I think I should do more divorces, which means I should start breaking up some marriages, which is probably bad karma and seems like a lot of work anyway so then I just go back to bed. And that is my run-on sentence for today.

On a more coherent note, I am spending this late night hour drinking some tea while Peanut rests nearby in the living room. She has had her late night Milk Bone, which completes her evening so she can rest peacefully. I tried to go to bed, but it wasn't happening so I got up to have some tea and contemplate life.

The first thing that comes to mind when I contemplate my life is how terribly blessed I am. I have the most amazing friends who enrich my life. They always make me feel like I can conquer any problem and they always make me feel loved and appreciated. You cannot ask for more than that in this life - to be surrounded by people who are 100% there for you and will talk you down from the ledge when you need it and will give you wings to fly when you need it.

In my life, I have had several people with whom I've crossed paths that have been wonderful in many ways, but were not meant to be there forever. Now, I am blessed to have lifetime friends; people I know will forever be in my corner as I will be in theirs. We will not always agree about everything, but we will always help each other find our way on our individual paths.


citizen of the world said...

"which pretty much entails being depressed that I am not ON vacation"

I so inderstand that. sigh

And also the friend issue - good ones truly are a blessing.

Dauphyfan said...

Would you stop living a parallel life! LOL. I have been sorta battling depression from not being on vacation too. Been dragging myself out of bed each day and forcing myself to get outside with the kids just so they aren't bored. Doesn't help that my car keys have been missing for three days. :(

We had so much fun that it's almost like coming crashing down from a high and feeling like a big lump on a log. Miss ya!