Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Into the ether

I've been less prolific with this blog recently, but I have a good excuse. I am taking two classes this term that have me SO busy. This week, the classes come to an end with two exams tomorrow and some smaller projects that I need to finish by Friday. I CANNOT wait to have some time off. I will have about three weeks before I start fall term.

I am getting closer to finishing this degree and I am excited to start my practical work, which will begin next summer. I plan to finish up my last four academic classes by Spring 2010 and the next three terms will be taken up with one practicum class each. I can only take one practicum per term, which is unfortunate because I'd like to get them out of the way faster, but it is what it is. I may be glad that I can only take one class per term once I'm embroiled in the field work that make up the practicums.

Other than school, there is not a whole lot happening to report on. I am still job hunting and that has been extremely frustrating. Most jobs require that you submit everything online, but they never let you know that it's been received. I haven't even gotten rejection e-mails/letters. It's like sending things into the ether and who knows if they reach their destination or not. Still...I continue on. Keep your fingers crossed that a job will make itself known very soon.


Dauphyfan said...

I think you will be grateful that you only have one practicum to tackle at at time for your sanity and to give it your full attention. It will take a lot out of you mentally and emotionally at times to be sure.

As for the job hunting, keep on keeping on. The right one will present itself when the time is right. Maybe you don't have one yet because the universe knows how busy school has been for you. Blessing in disguise maybe?

secret agent woman said...

I was so eager to be done, too. And still glad, but sometimes miss the academic life.

Good luck with the job search.