Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Heat is On

It's officially winter in Houston. Friday, it snowed. Yes, snow in Houston. This has happened before, but it is rare. Amazing to see white flurries coming down in Texas anywhere. It stuck in some places and not in others. We just got the flurries and the frozen ground. Some friends of mine further south got actual snow sticking to the ground. Even without the snow, the heater has been turned on in the house. The official switching from air conditioning to heat is sort of a seminal moment for most people in Houston. Every year, we know it's really winter when we all do that.

Since it is winter now, that must mean Christmas is coming. It's 19 days away and I haven't really done anything to get ready for it. I will start my Christmas cards next week and that is pretty much all I'm going to do. There will be no big gifts this year for anyone because we are tightening our budget. It's just a necessity with the recession we've been through this year. I'm really hoping to have a full-time job by January. It's in God's hands and I know that He has reasons for all that He does so worry has been replaced by faith.

I'm looking forward to the holidays because we will be staying home. Christmas Eve will be spent with my in-laws and Christmas Day, my dad, the hubs, and I will be hosting a "Riff-Raff Christmas Dinner." We're inviting people who don't have anywhere else to go for Christmas Day. It's fun to get a group of people together and have a good time. No one should be alone on the holidays.

Before the holidays come around, I have two exams to complete for school. I'm looking forward to finishing my classes and enjoying a school break.


secret agent woman said...

It snowed here Saturday. Brrr.

Shelby said...

First of all. LOVE the yule log video sound thing.. I so listened to it with sheery delight.

Second.. snow in Houston! I'm shocked.. I'm ready for winter tho.. 'cause then it'll be spring :)

Good luck with school stuff at the end of the term.. take care!