Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Thoughts: Round II

As promised in my last blog, here are Random Thoughts: Round II.

Last night, I was listening to a CD on my portable DVD player. It cut off at one point and I didn't understand why. I turned it off and back on - you know, the standard solution for any electronics problem - and that didn't work. So I took the CD out and put it back in, still nothing. I was thinking it was broken. That's when I realized the problem. It wasn't plugged in. had been working off the battery, which had died. Not being plugged in...I hear that's a common problem. :)

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I had to pee, which is usually the case in the morning. I didn't want to get out of the cozy, warm bed to go to the bathroom so I figured I could just hold it and catch an hour or so more of sleep. Yeah...that has never, ever worked in the past. Why is it that every single morning I have that exact same thought like somehow my body is finally going to say "Sure, hold it for awhile, no problem."

I find it interesting how a group of strangers can find solidarity while waiting in line at the post office. One guy will mention that more postal workers are needed to deal with the line and the rest of the group will pipe up and join the crusade. Before you know it, you have 14 people of all different ages, nationalities, and religions joining in the fight. This also occurs at banks and in airport lines.

I think it should be an unwritten rule of the universe that no one is allowed to die on major holidays or on their family members' birthdays. How much would it suck to have Uncle Gary keel over on Christmas Day? Sort of removes the whole peace on earth, joy to the world theme, you know? I once read a story about a man whose young daughter was murdered on his birthday. I'm thinking that day has lost all meaning for that man, which is very sad.

With the advent of cell phones, Facebook, and e-mail, it amazes me how many people still have trouble communicating with others in a timely manner. This happens in business and personal relationships. Is it really so hard to send even a one or two line e-mail acknowledging receipt of something? I was talking to a friend of mine who said she had sent some questions to a business associate who expects her to have a project completed by a certain deadline, but apparently the business associate can't bother to answer her e-mail in a timely manner. I don't get it. At least acknowledge you've received the questions and give a time line of when you can answer them or something. A message in a bottle has a faster delivery than some people with access to computers and Blackberries.

That is all, for now. I am sure Random Thoughts: Round III will make an appearance before the year is out or shortly thereafter.


Dauphyfan said...

I have that exact same tug-of-war thought every morning and everytime the bladder wins.

Bridget said...

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