Friday, December 11, 2009


Welcome to another round of Random Thoughts! These are things I occasionally think about or that occur to me out of the blue. There are no transitions between the thoughts, hence it being called "Random."

I need to take the annual Christmas picture of our family. I should have done it before now and gotten the cards made and mailed, but I didn't. So our friends/family will be receiving Christmas cards pretty close to the actual date of the holiday. I'm OK with that.

I finished my final final exam for the semester today. I am REALLY glad to be done with classes so I can stop feeling guilty about procrastinating on my school work. I wonder if there really is a cure for procrastination. I always feel better when I get something done in advance, but I never seem to remember that feeling when it comes to completing projects. Something about the realization that "OH MY GOD, I need to finish this by tomorrow" produces adrenaline that allows me to get it done. Maybe I'm an academic adrenaline junkie? Oh well, we all have our issues.

It annoys me when Dear Husband asks me if he can pick up something from the store for me and I tell him and then he questions me about it. For example, I asked him to pick up Band-Aids tonight and he said "Didn't I just do that? Have you used all the Band-Aids?" Um, you know what? You asked and I answered so just get the Band-Aids, OK? The third degree is annoying.

Along with the above is when he asks me for my opinion on what he is going to wear. I refuse to give my thoughts on that anymore because he will invariably say "Really, I like this one (whichever one I did not choose)." Don't ask me then. If you know what you like, wear it.

I wish people would take it seriously when I tell them what I want for Christmas. I do not care if you buy me a gift at all, but if you're going to, please get me something useful like stamps. Seriously, stamps would be great. I use a lot of them so they would be appreciated. Gift cards, donations to an animal charity in my name, or food products are good too. I don't expect gifts and like I said, I don't care if I get them, but if you are going to give them, then follow the recommendations of the person you are planning on giving to.

I find it really sad that people who work very hard and put in long hours beyond what they are paid for are the ones who feel guilty when they are sick and can't come in or when they have to take some time off for personal/family reasons. The boss then starts watching them like a hawk and "reminding" them about personal time in a snotty voice when said person has only taken 10 minutes off in the last two years. Meanwhile, the jerks who call in "sick" every single week and who come in two hours late and leave two hours early are the ones who get promoted. And people wonder why there are workplace shootings?

That's all for now. But Randomness: Round II is already in the making. Stay tuned.


Smalltown RN said...

I really enjoyed your "random" are right on with your gift ideas....I think the stamps or food items or donation to an organization are great ideas...I don't need anything and would rather see donations being made to a charity.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment...I love it when new bloggers drop in and say hi....

cheers to you!

Dauphyfan said...

Right on! Don't feel guilty about the Christmas card thing. I am just starting to work on our annual recap letter, still have a gingerbread house idea that I've procrastinated making for three years, but promised this year we'd finally do it, and the whole stamp giffie thing...yeah those would be great stocking stuffers! Your random thoughts are like the stuff comedians point out that we all think but don't think to say. Waiting for part two...:)

secret agent woman said...

I agere with you about gifts - I like things that are consumable so it's not just more stuff cluttering up my house.

Amie said...

Congratulations on finishing finals! Also, I'm fairly certain that all Dear Husbands respond the same way when we take them up on offers to do us favors. Anyway, I love your blog, and am glad to have found you (via you finding me, but whatever).