Saturday, March 13, 2010


It's been a long week. I'm feeling rather wistful these days. I can't describe exactly what I mean by that, it's a private feeling, but it's there. I have a sense of time passing by so quickly. I went to the University of Houston campus today and as always, I was struck by a sense of my life in pieces. It has been almost five years since I graduated from the law school there. It seems like such a short time ago, but it was a different lifetime altogether for me. The same is true when I think about college and some of the jobs I have had in my life. It was a different time and I was a different person.

It's a good thing to reflect on how much I have grown personally through the years. There is so much I have done, learned, felt, and experienced. And there is so much more I want to do in all of those categories. I have plans for the future and I am so eager to execute them. They will have to wait for now, but I look forward to all the amazing things that are forthcoming. Reflecting on the past tends to make one think of the future and remember that there is so much more to do and I am stronger, braver, and more ready now to go forward than I have ever been.