Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Divorces, Blood, and a Post Office

Today was quite possibly the most productive day I've had in quite awhile. I got in late last night from Victoria because I talked to a classmate for awhile after my night class and that put me behind on my driving. I got up early this morning, still tired since I only got about five(ish) hours of sleep. I finished up some legal paperwork and headed out to Panera Bread to meet up with some friends I hadn't seen for awhile.

Following that, I made the 30-minute drive to downtown Houston to file the paperwork. I sat around in the family law courthouse filing room patiently waiting my turn and finally, I was called to contribute to the mass of dead trees that ends up in file folders at the courthouse. As I exited the family law courthouse, I saw a sign for a blood drive taking place at the Civil Courthouse.

I had been wanting to give blood for quite awhile. I had been doing it quarterly a couple of years ago before they told me my trip to Jamaica had possibly tainted me seeing as how I could be a carrier of the dreaded malaria and therefore wouldn't be allowed to donate for a year. Well, that was two years ago so I figured that since I hadn't keeled over of malaria yet, I was probably OK.

I headed into the courthouse and made my way to the 17th floor where I went through the whole administrative thing of filling out the paperwork and such. I was then led over to the vampire table whereupon it was discovered that my veins were being all kinds of lazy and refusing to show up for the party. They finally did coax one of them out of hibernation and I proceeded to let them drain me.

After that, I made my way back to the burbs where I had lunch with a friend. I then headed out to the courthouse near me to file the paperwork for the ticket I received in December after my car accident. The ticket was dismissed since I had jumped through the hoops of taking defensive driving and what not. 

A trip to the post office followed where patience was a virtue what with the playing out of the cliche of one postal clerk at the counter and 100 people in line. After standing in line long enough to knit sweaters for all the children in Afghanistan, I finally was able to mail my stuff and head home. It feels good to have gotten so much done today, but I will definitely be doing nothing tomorrow except staring at the ceiling all day if my eyes can manage to stay open.


Amie said...

That sounds like an awesome day.

I love Panera, but am currently in a bit of a fight with them since they decided to put up calorie counts for every single menu item, thereby ensuring that I will never again eat my favorite sandwich ever, the Italian Combo. Sigh.

Giving blood is the best thing ever. I keep ending up being denied for potential malaria as well (Costa Rica 2 years ago, Mexico a year ago, Dominican Republic last Fall - apparently my need for sun in the winter is anathema to giving blood).

Anyway, I adore you. That is all.

Lawfrog said...

Thank you Amie! I adore you too:) I don't blame you for being all kinds of bitter with Panera. We all know what foods are good and what foods are bad. Must we have to endure the placing of each and every calorie next to said foods so that we can all feel that much more guilty for consuming them? I think not.

secret agent woman said...

You certainly had a productive on very little sleep.

secret agent woman said...

I meant productive day.