Sunday, April 4, 2010

April? Already?? How did that happen?

It's been a very busy year. I can't believe it's already April, but it is. Seems like it went by fast, but so much has happened. I can't even start to talk about all of it so I'll just recap the last week or so. It started with a musical weekend:

Saturday, March 27, I drove up to San Antonio and hung out with my dad for the weekend. We went to Harlequin Dinner Theatre for a show called "Listen to the Music." It was a rendition of 70s music from local singers. They were really great and we both loved listening to the songs and singing along.

Sunday, March 28, we headed out to a show at the Aztec Theatre called San Antonio Rose Live. It was wonderful!! Again, local singers put on a show of classic country music. They were excellent and so much fun to listen to those old songs. The Aztec Theatre is worth visiting just for the architecture. It is Aztec architecture of course and so amazing. It's like being in a museum.

Monday, March 29, we left my car at the dealership to have a general check-up and headed to Alice in Wonderland in 3D. SO COOL! I loved it. After that, we picked up Cricket (my car) and headed over to TGI Friday's. My dad had never eaten there so I told him he needed to try it. I think he liked it. After that, we went home and watched Charlie Chan movies and Hercule Poirot. My dad and I share a love of mysteries so we both enjoyed that!

Tuesday, March 30, we had Bill Miller's BBQ and I headed out to Victoria for school. It was a great weekend and I had such a good time. I really needed that time to hang out with my dad and just have fun. My dad has been such an amazing support to me. No matter what I need or want to do, he is there for me and that means so much. He has kicked in quite a bit financially over the years, but more than that, he lets me know he believes in me and that setbacks are only temporary. You cannot put a price on that kind of love and support.

The rest of the week was filled with resting, errands, and getting ready for my mid-term, which I will be taking tomorrow. I am also heading to Victoria tomorrow afternoon to meet with my classmate and get a class project completed for Tuesday. Being busy is better than being dead. I keep telling myself that. :)


Caroline said...

Ah, you made me wish I had a father . . .

Cherish the time you have with him.

secret agent woman said...

I thrilled that it's April - I was glad to say good-bye to this winter.

J.A. Saare said...

Time passes far too quickly sometimes. Doesn't it? ;)