Saturday, June 26, 2010

Killer Week

This has been a killer week. I started my practicum training and in this week, I have done the following:
  • Met patients at the psychiatric hospital where I am working.
  • Led and observed group therapy for said patients.
  • Learned the documentation system at the hospital (unreal how much paperwork there is and the detail it must contain).
  • Learned Nonviolent Physical Crisis Intervention techniques should I be attacked in any way by patients (and yes, that does happen).
  • Drove to Victoria on Monday and Wednesday for class returning home around midnight and then getting up the next day to work a full-day at the hospital.
  • Babysat the twins x 2 for four hours.
  • Logged into my practicum class for the hour-long discussion that is required every week.

I am sure I did some other things in there too, but I can't recall them at the moment. I was so exhausted this week that on Thursday evening, I went to bed at 7 p.m. I NEVER do that. I am a night owl and always have been, but I was just wiped out. I am hoping to tailor my schedule this month so that my practicum works around my classes in that on the days following my classes and long drives, I can do my practicum in the afternoon instead of going there in the morning after only getting 5/6 hours of sleep.

July promises to be just as busy as this month since I will be babysitting the twins x 2 every single Wednesday and some other random days throughout the month as well. I am also looking to complete a paid technical writing project I've been working on. Still, if I can tailor my practicum schedule to work around those class days, that will help A LOT!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Keeping your own counsel or, in plain terms, SHUT UP!

Here recently, I've given some thought to the idea that people just need to shut up. That statement can apply to people in so many ways so let me explain what I mean:

Keep your own counsel. I am sometimes amazed by the number of people who are unable to do this. Keeping your own counsel just means keeping your business/thoughts to yourself instead of blabbing everything to anyone who will listen and then wondering why your reputation/credibility has been trashed. There is nothing wrong with talking to friends or family or other trusted people about certain things, but what I am talking about is people who spread their lives EVERYWHERE, who tell people they are going to do things and then never do them. That just leads to trouble and should not be done.

For example, if you are planning on making a major life change such as going back to school, losing weight, moving somewhere, leaving a job, etc., it's a good idea NOT to tell everyone until you have plans in place or have made some progress toward the goal. The reason for this is because people will then expect you to complete the goal or at least be seriously working toward it.

They will ask you how things are going with the plans to return to school, to move, they will want to know how the diet is going, and so on. If you are a person who announces everything you are thinking of doing to the world via Facebook or what have you and you are the type who is all talk and no action, then you are going to have a serious problem with credibility at this point. No one will believe you're going to do anything and they will respond to all future proclamations with "Huh. Whatever."

You will have no credibility at all and no support from anyone for anything you really do eventually accomplish because you've already set yourself up for people to think you are just blowing hot air. AGAIN. 

It really is OK to keep things to yourself. Sometimes it's hard to do that when you're excited about something, but it's necessary, otherwise you will have issues like the ones I describe above. Don't do that to yourself. Find one or two trusted friends to talk to and share your plans with. You can also share any obstacles in the plans with those people, but for the love of all that is good and true, STOP sharing with the world.

It's surprising how much better you feel when you keep things to yourself until your plans are in place. It's so much easier for both you and your friends/family to get excited about something when it's already in the works as opposed to you just saying you're going to do something. Try it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flexible Life

Life has been very, very busy. Recently, a former employer asked me to do some projects for her company. It is the same kind of work I did when I was with the company a year ago. I loved the job and the people so I'm glad to be working with them again. My hours are flexible and I do a lot of my work from home so that is a plus. There is no other way I could do it since I am starting my field work and taking a class this summer. Right now, my life needs to be flexible since there's a lot to pack into it.

Speaking of classes, school started this week. My practicum will require me to work on site (at a hospital for the mentally ill/chemical dependent), but I also have to log in to a online site once a week on Tuesday nights to talk about the practicum with my professor and my classmates. I did that tonight for the first time. I will drive to Victoria tomorrow afternoon for my first in-person class this term.

I got a bit of a reprieve in the busyness of this month. I was going to babysit the twins x two every Wednesday in June and July. That was going to make for some incredibly long days on Wednesdays. However, their mother decided to put them in a day camp for June so I will not be sitting for them except for three random days this month. I will sit for them in July on Wednesdays, but this will allow me to settle into my classes this month with one less thing to do. That helps.

I am hoping to finish the divorce case this month that I've been working on. I'm having the other party served this week and I will have to see what happens at that point, but I am hoping said party will get a grip and move on. This is a simple case and does not need to be dragged out this way. Keep your fingers crossed!

I am starting back to the gym tomorrow and I am really excited about that because I always feel better when I am working out. Any stress in my life is relieved on the treadmill and the elliptical. Thank God for my iPod, I think I'd go insane without it. Cranking up the music and working up a sweat is its own brand of refuge.