Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flexible Life

Life has been very, very busy. Recently, a former employer asked me to do some projects for her company. It is the same kind of work I did when I was with the company a year ago. I loved the job and the people so I'm glad to be working with them again. My hours are flexible and I do a lot of my work from home so that is a plus. There is no other way I could do it since I am starting my field work and taking a class this summer. Right now, my life needs to be flexible since there's a lot to pack into it.

Speaking of classes, school started this week. My practicum will require me to work on site (at a hospital for the mentally ill/chemical dependent), but I also have to log in to a online site once a week on Tuesday nights to talk about the practicum with my professor and my classmates. I did that tonight for the first time. I will drive to Victoria tomorrow afternoon for my first in-person class this term.

I got a bit of a reprieve in the busyness of this month. I was going to babysit the twins x two every Wednesday in June and July. That was going to make for some incredibly long days on Wednesdays. However, their mother decided to put them in a day camp for June so I will not be sitting for them except for three random days this month. I will sit for them in July on Wednesdays, but this will allow me to settle into my classes this month with one less thing to do. That helps.

I am hoping to finish the divorce case this month that I've been working on. I'm having the other party served this week and I will have to see what happens at that point, but I am hoping said party will get a grip and move on. This is a simple case and does not need to be dragged out this way. Keep your fingers crossed!

I am starting back to the gym tomorrow and I am really excited about that because I always feel better when I am working out. Any stress in my life is relieved on the treadmill and the elliptical. Thank God for my iPod, I think I'd go insane without it. Cranking up the music and working up a sweat is its own brand of refuge.

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