Saturday, June 26, 2010

Killer Week

This has been a killer week. I started my practicum training and in this week, I have done the following:
  • Met patients at the psychiatric hospital where I am working.
  • Led and observed group therapy for said patients.
  • Learned the documentation system at the hospital (unreal how much paperwork there is and the detail it must contain).
  • Learned Nonviolent Physical Crisis Intervention techniques should I be attacked in any way by patients (and yes, that does happen).
  • Drove to Victoria on Monday and Wednesday for class returning home around midnight and then getting up the next day to work a full-day at the hospital.
  • Babysat the twins x 2 for four hours.
  • Logged into my practicum class for the hour-long discussion that is required every week.

I am sure I did some other things in there too, but I can't recall them at the moment. I was so exhausted this week that on Thursday evening, I went to bed at 7 p.m. I NEVER do that. I am a night owl and always have been, but I was just wiped out. I am hoping to tailor my schedule this month so that my practicum works around my classes in that on the days following my classes and long drives, I can do my practicum in the afternoon instead of going there in the morning after only getting 5/6 hours of sleep.

July promises to be just as busy as this month since I will be babysitting the twins x 2 every single Wednesday and some other random days throughout the month as well. I am also looking to complete a paid technical writing project I've been working on. Still, if I can tailor my practicum schedule to work around those class days, that will help A LOT!


Amie said...

Glad you're surviving!

Dauphyfan said...

Such the busy bee! I remember all that documentation (least favorite part of the job) and was involved in many a physical intervention at Christie School. You are woman hear you roar! Keep fighting the good fight...I know you'll win. I bet it was fascinating to lead the group therapy though after all the dress rehearsals in class.