Sunday, July 11, 2010

Going Batty is Just Ducky!

This weekend was spent resting and doing things at home. Last weekend was spent with bats, ducks, and my Dad! I drove up to San Antonio on Thursday evening and met my Dad at Bill Miller's, our favorite BBQ spot. We headed back to his house and watched Shutter Island on DVD. It was AMAZING! Such an incredible movie with a great twist at the end.

Friday found my Dad taking my car to get the oil changed and two new tires put on. Poor Dad had no idea he'd be driving all around San Antonio to get that done. He went to the dealership, but they had no openings for oil changes, so he went to get the oil changed, then tires and finally back to the dealer to check on a warranty issue with the car. My Dad is awesome, he takes such great care of me and my car. While he was doing that, I was doing homework. 

Friday night, we headed over to the Harlequin Dinner Theatre to see Smokey Joe's Cafe, a musical revue of songs from the 50s and 60s. It was fantastic! The singers were great and the performances as a whole were wonderful. I love the Harlequin Dinner Theatre, it's always a fun way to spend an evening. Good food, good shows.

Saturday, we headed to Austin to spend some time with ducks, bats, and BBQ. Our first stop was the Austin Visitor's Center on Sixth Street to check in on our activities and then we had a drink at Darwin's Pub - a soda for Dad and a Shirley Temple for me. Had a great chat with the bartender there and then headed over to Salt Lick BBQ. Dad and I had been wanting to try it and it was excellent! Such good food.

After that, we were ready to spend some time with the ducks. My Dad was wearing his Oregon Ducks Dad t-shirt. I'm an alum of the University of Oregon and his wearing the shirt was a fun coincidence. We boarded the bus for the Austin Duck Tours! We were given duckbill whistles that made duck sounds that we were able to use and keep. They matched my Dad's shirt perfectly! We had a great tour of Austin and then headed to Lake Austin to take a tour of the lake. The bus we drove around town in was also a boat so we just drove right into the water. It was SO amazing! I love the water and miss it since I used to live within walking distance of the Pacific Ocean. 

We headed over to the Hilton Hotel and had a drink while waiting for our Bat Watching Tour! In Austin, there is a huge colony of bats that fly out from under Congress bridge at night from March - October. We had a tour of Lady Bird Lake and then waited for the bats. It was really amazing to see the bats flying out from under the bridge. It's something I had wanted to do for quite some time. Such a great experience to watch nature do its thing like that. I have to wonder what the bats think having all those people cheering around them when they are just doing what they normally do. 

We headed back to San Antonio and watched a couple of movies, one of which was Mr. Wong, Detective. It's an old black and white movie made in 1938. I love those old movies and my Dad and I are both mystery fans so we love watching films like that.

We ended the fun weekend with a visit to Mimi's Cafe for an excellent turkey dinner. I needed a nap after that and then I had to head home. I love hanging out with my Dad and we always have the best time so I didn't want to come back to Houston, but I had to get back to all the not-so-fun responsibilities. I'm looking forward to the next time I get to hang with Dad!

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Dauphyfan said...

That bus sounds like it came right out of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"...which we watched this weekend. Glad you had a great time with your dad! He is pretty awesome. HOpefully we can come down in the next year or two.