Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Random thoughts, ideas, and things that have recently occurred. I do not promise logical segues between any of these things:

The other day, I got in my car to go to my practicum site. As I got ready to start the car, I saw a rather furry and scary looking spider on the windshield. Because there was the glass barrier between the spider and I, I got an up close and personal look at its anatomy, eyes, etc. Fascinating and creepy at the same time. Now, I am not a person who suffers from arachnophobia, but I didn't want to drive with the spider on my windshield. I have a thing about animals of all kinds - I like to do what I can to keep them safe. 

So I got out of my car and looked on top of it for a small twig or something. My car gets parked under a tree so there is often a twig or something lying on the roof. What I saw on the roof was the shed skin of what looked like a praying mantis. WTF?? Creepy spider and praying mantis skin? Well, you do what you can. I don't even know if praying mantises shed skin, but whatever. I attempted to use the shed skin to scoot the spider away. The spider wasn't having it and ran down into my hood. Hey, I tried. Hopefully, it didn't get cooked by the engine.

My practicum supervisor has a reputation for leaving long, rambling voice mail messages telling the therapists/students what to do that day. We need to know what she wants, but these are long messages. Anyway, the other day, she left me the requisite long voice mail. About a minute later, she sent a text saying "Listen to voice mail." Uh. Yeah. I'll do that.

My dad is having bypass surgery today. Yesterday, we went to do pre-registration for him and I noticed that the TVs in the waiting room had the news channel on. It wasn't possible to change it as far as I could see. Seriously? People are there for heart issues, which is a stressful thing already and they have the news playing 24/7 in their waiting rooms? Well sure because more stress never hurt anyone. Maybe it's their way of making sure they stay in business.

And that is today's RanDAMNess.


J.A. Saare said...

I have my fingers crossed for you and your Dad. Much love!!

Amie said...

Hope all goes well for your dad.

Supervisor needs to learn to email. And use lists, instead of speaking in giant evil paragraphs.