Monday, October 18, 2010

To whom it may concern...

Dear Ice Cream Makers,
Don't bother advertising that your ice cream is an excellent source of Vitamin C. I'm talking to you, Dreyer's Berry Rainbow Sherbet. Let's face it, that is not a selling point for anyone. No one buys ice cream products of any kind for their vitamin content.

Dear Co-Worker,
Keep your germs to yourself. I appreciate the doughnut you gave me the other day, but you could have stopped there. You didn't have to give me your cold too.
Dear People Who Suck,
Please stop sucking you wastes of oxygen. Your arrogant attitude, your selfishness, and your general jerk-like behavior is not appreciated by anyone.
Dear T-Mobile,
For eight years, I have loved thee. Why must you allow third-party sellers to offer your phones, but then you refuse to let those phones be returned at any T-Mobile store? So I guess it's OK if you make money from the third-party stores, but if a customer needs to return something, you're gone like yesterday's garbage? I still love you, but I'm moving more toward liking you as a friend because of this.