Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Pawlidays from Shutterfly!

Those who know me know that I love my dog, Peanut. She is more than a dog to me, she is my baby and I treat her as such. This includes taking a yearly picture of Peanut with her doggy brothers (and yes, I do love them too!). This year, I will be getting our Christmas cards from Shutterfly as I have done in past years. They have excellent card designs and they are super easy to make. I don’t know that there is another site that is more user-friendly.

Of course, I always take a million pictures of Peanut and the boys at Christmas so I may have to go with a card that allows me to use several pictures on one card. Shutterfly has those if I decide to go that route. Or, I could just go with a single photo on one of their many awesome card designs. It’s tough to choose. Whatever we go with, I know that our friends and family are going to love the cards! Peanut is just so cute and so are her brothers. I love taking their photos every year and sharing them with our loved ones.
I need to pick a card format. Tough to do, but these are some great ideas: 

How cute would Peanut and her brothers look in this Christmas Tree design? 

Or maybe, this single photo card so they can be seen with a neat border?

This one is great too because the blue would match the pink in Peanut's little pink coat. Hmmm...

You'll know which one we chose when you receive our card. Thanks Shutterfly for so many great options!

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S.I.F. said...

I love that Shutterfly has done this for bloggers this year! So cool!