Monday, February 28, 2011

Letting in the Fresh Air

So things are looking up a bit. The weather was really amazing today. I was able to throw open all the windows and get some fresh air in the house. That is a true treat in Houston because it's either really cold or really hot and humid. We enjoy actual spring weather here only a few days out of the year so when it comes along, I take advantage of it by opening the windows and letting in a new season.

Anyway, I slept really badly last night due to my anxiety deciding that I should stay awake and pay attention to it. So I finally got tired of it (no pun intended) and got up for good. I got the day started by mopping all the tile floors, which was a huge thing because I'd been meaning to do it forever, but hadn't gotten around to it. I don't even want to tell you the last time the kitchen floor was swept and mopped. It may possibly have been prior to the current president's election. Possibly...

There's something about doing housework that makes you feel accomplished and as if you've worked hard. Now, I wouldn't want to do it every day (and I don't, see above comment about the last time the floors were mopped), but it does feel good to look at the finished product.

Here lately, I've been putting off doing a lot of things because I am tired, depressed, or the anxiety is getting to me. So, I am going to make a concerted effort to take the bull by the horns (or the mop in the hands) and get it together. I always feel better when things are done and I can truly relax. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pit Pulling

I haven't done much in the last two days. This is supposed to be a relaxation weekend for me, which it has been basically. I had yesterday off and I spent it having dinner with a friend and really doing nothing. Same thing today. However, I do need to do some work tomorrow that I have been putting off and Monday will be the same. I had hoped to take all four days off, but that is not going to happen as I need to get these things done so I can stop worrying about them.

I am tired of worrying in general and feeling all blah about various things so I am going to pull myself out of the pit because it's dark and depressing down here. Pulling myself out begins with a good night's sleep. Night all!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Serenity now!

So this chronic ball of stress that is my life has been rather, well, stressful in recent weeks. It's affecting me physically and I can't take it anymore. I have the next four days off. I do have some work to do tomorrow, but I have decided to take this long weekend and really relax. It's just necessary unless I want to self-destruct, which I do not because it just sounds very messy and like a real hassle. I am going to fill my time with meditation, hot bubble baths, reading, exercise, and sleep. Those are all things that I need to do in bulk more often.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's a grey and gloomy day today, but I'm OK with that. I need this kind of day. So much is going on and I am tired of it all. I feel exhausted, depressed, angry, bitter, and everything in-between. Usually, I am upbeat and positive and I will be again. But right now...this is where I am and I just felt the need to get it off my chest.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Violated at the Snack Bar, Damn Spammers, Abortion, and Also Some Other Stuff

I'd like to file charges against the snack bar of the movie theatre in San Antonio for the financial rape committed on me there. $11 for a medium ICEE and a small popcorn. Seriously?? I hardly ever go to the movies, we're talking once a year here folks, and I LOVE movie theatre popcorn so I always get it when I am there. But $11 for a drink and popcorn? I feel violated.

I unsubscribed from a law-related mailing list today and this is what appeared underneath the Unsubscribe box: "Our records show that you do not have an online account with . Please  help us better communicate with you by creating an online account with contact information, email address, and password." I am UNSUBSCRIBING from your list. What about that screams that I want you to communicate with me? 

A friend of mine who is a total genius mentioned that she was having trouble getting off one of these lovely e-mail lists. Despite unsubscribing, calling, etc. they refused to remove her. Finally, she went to her profile/preferences on the site and changed her e-mail to the company's e-mail. That way, the company who refused to remove her, despite repeated requests, is now receiving their own junk mail. Is that brilliant or what?!

I'm in love with Jackie Speier for telling it like it is. In case you don't know who she is, she's a representative from California. She is a Democrat, but her speech crosses party lines. It's about getting over the fact that certain things are just not worth wasting time on anymore because they are LEGAL activities. In this case, it was abortion that was being hammered on yet again.

As a quick aside, I wish elected officials would quit their bitching about things that are legal. If you want to change the laws, there are ways to do that, and those ways do not include complaining about your pet causes during the time you are supposed to be hammering out that little economic "the deficit is HOW much???" problem we have in this country. As my best friend said "Lobby for pet causes on your personal time, not the taxpayers." AMEN!!

Here is a link to Rep. Speier's speech: AWESOME and here is the link to the Representative who spoke before her, that she was replying to: Go Away and Die Already.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Stuff I've thought about recently

So the other day, my back started to itch and I grabbed my trusty back scratcher off the wall and scratched my back. It then occurred to me what a weird thing God did there - he made it so that our backs can itch, but we can't reach the itch without some kind of outside help. Sense of humor on God's part perhaps? Or maybe He just likes to see us (literally) squirm sometimes. Who can blame Him? We kind of suck a lot.

You ever notice that the people who can't stand to be told what to do are the same ones who have no trouble dispensing unwanted advice to others? If you start any sentence with "What you need to do is..." but hate it when other people do that, you are one of "those" people.

I dislike whiners. It's amazing to me how some people worry and whine as a way of life. Listen folks, we make choices in life. Some good, some bad. Roll with it and quit your constant bitching, OK? Venting is one thing, but when you find yourself talking about the same topics all the time with that nasal tone that should be reserved for when you're suffering from a horrible sinus attack, you need to stop. Just stop.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I turned 35 on February 4th. I love birthdays, I always have! As some people age, they hate birthdays because they are reminders of time passing and getting older. Personally, I don't mind getting older because as I've gotten older, I've also gotten smarter. There are things I know now about myself and about others that would have been very handy in my teen years/early 20s. I know that as time passes, I will learn more and life will get better. There is much to be grateful for now and much to look forward to.

I spent my birthday in San Antonio this year with my Dad and Peanut. We had a great time! On the day of my birthday, Dad, our cousin Bonnie, and I had dinner at Bill Miller's BBQ and then headed out to Laugh Out Loud, a comedy club in San Antonio. We all laughed through the whole show. There is nothing better than a good dose of laughter, it was a great way to celebrate. On Saturday, Dad and I signed him up for Scuba Diving lessons (something that is on his bucket list) and saw The Roommate, which was freaky, but very good. We headed home to a dinner of Dad's homemade tacos, which rivals any Mexican restaurant anywhere! Sunday was a quiet day at home. We watched the Super Bowl and just hung out. Monday, it was lunch at Bill Miller's BBQ again (that place is FANTASTIC) and then I headed home to Houston where I had a late birthday dinner with a friend.

Today, I am trying to get back in the swing of things after a wonderful weekend away. Real life is overrated and hard to get back into when you've had a relaxing few days away, but I am slowly dipping my toe in the scalding pool of reality.