Friday, February 11, 2011

Stuff I've thought about recently

So the other day, my back started to itch and I grabbed my trusty back scratcher off the wall and scratched my back. It then occurred to me what a weird thing God did there - he made it so that our backs can itch, but we can't reach the itch without some kind of outside help. Sense of humor on God's part perhaps? Or maybe He just likes to see us (literally) squirm sometimes. Who can blame Him? We kind of suck a lot.

You ever notice that the people who can't stand to be told what to do are the same ones who have no trouble dispensing unwanted advice to others? If you start any sentence with "What you need to do is..." but hate it when other people do that, you are one of "those" people.

I dislike whiners. It's amazing to me how some people worry and whine as a way of life. Listen folks, we make choices in life. Some good, some bad. Roll with it and quit your constant bitching, OK? Venting is one thing, but when you find yourself talking about the same topics all the time with that nasal tone that should be reserved for when you're suffering from a horrible sinus attack, you need to stop. Just stop.


Maria said...

I smiled when I read about that nasal tone because I know EXACTLY what you are talking about.

My secretary has phrases that she says over and over that drive me crazy:

1) "OH! A tragedy. Just a tragedy!" (meant to be sarcastic)

2). "Oh. My. God! (when she is bothered by something and no one is paying attention to her)

3) "Don't ask me. I just direct traffic around here." (meant to imply that we don't appreciate her)

It has gotten to the point where we all mouth the words along with her behind her back.

secret agent woman said...

Hmmm - cold that last bit be advice? :-)

Lawfrog said...

@Maria - You've got to love people who act like doing their job is the hardest thing in the world and they just don't get enough appreciation for the mountains they must climb every day.

@Secret Agent - The last bit about whining you mean? Yeah, that could be advice to a few people I know IRL:) Amazing how many people don't know how to cope with anything and just whine as if everything is such a tragedy. Makes me want to beat them with the back scratcher.:)