Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pit Pulling

I haven't done much in the last two days. This is supposed to be a relaxation weekend for me, which it has been basically. I had yesterday off and I spent it having dinner with a friend and really doing nothing. Same thing today. However, I do need to do some work tomorrow that I have been putting off and Monday will be the same. I had hoped to take all four days off, but that is not going to happen as I need to get these things done so I can stop worrying about them.

I am tired of worrying in general and feeling all blah about various things so I am going to pull myself out of the pit because it's dark and depressing down here. Pulling myself out begins with a good night's sleep. Night all!


Dauphyfan said...

Baby steps...that's all you can do when you are climbing out of what feels like an abyss at times. Do only what you have to, but no more. Give yourself over to that glorious little thing we call "the happy place" and stay there for awhile. Call if you need some venting time of your own or just to be idle for a bit. Hugz!!!

secret agent woman said...

Yeah, I get it. Hope you got some good sleep.