Friday, February 18, 2011

Violated at the Snack Bar, Damn Spammers, Abortion, and Also Some Other Stuff

I'd like to file charges against the snack bar of the movie theatre in San Antonio for the financial rape committed on me there. $11 for a medium ICEE and a small popcorn. Seriously?? I hardly ever go to the movies, we're talking once a year here folks, and I LOVE movie theatre popcorn so I always get it when I am there. But $11 for a drink and popcorn? I feel violated.

I unsubscribed from a law-related mailing list today and this is what appeared underneath the Unsubscribe box: "Our records show that you do not have an online account with . Please  help us better communicate with you by creating an online account with contact information, email address, and password." I am UNSUBSCRIBING from your list. What about that screams that I want you to communicate with me? 

A friend of mine who is a total genius mentioned that she was having trouble getting off one of these lovely e-mail lists. Despite unsubscribing, calling, etc. they refused to remove her. Finally, she went to her profile/preferences on the site and changed her e-mail to the company's e-mail. That way, the company who refused to remove her, despite repeated requests, is now receiving their own junk mail. Is that brilliant or what?!

I'm in love with Jackie Speier for telling it like it is. In case you don't know who she is, she's a representative from California. She is a Democrat, but her speech crosses party lines. It's about getting over the fact that certain things are just not worth wasting time on anymore because they are LEGAL activities. In this case, it was abortion that was being hammered on yet again.

As a quick aside, I wish elected officials would quit their bitching about things that are legal. If you want to change the laws, there are ways to do that, and those ways do not include complaining about your pet causes during the time you are supposed to be hammering out that little economic "the deficit is HOW much???" problem we have in this country. As my best friend said "Lobby for pet causes on your personal time, not the taxpayers." AMEN!!

Here is a link to Rep. Speier's speech: AWESOME and here is the link to the Representative who spoke before her, that she was replying to: Go Away and Die Already.


secret agent woman said...

I totally agree - politicians are wasting the money I have to pay hem by getting all twisted up about personal (legal) issues.

And I am totally stealing your friends method of getting off junk email lists. In fact, I'm not even going to bother trying to unsubscribe first.

Dauphyfan said...

I honestly don't know which is worst, the guy who couldn't stop condemning Planned Parenthood with his polital tirade or the cost of those snacks at the theater...I'm gonna go with the snacks on this one. $11? That's outrageous! That's why I bring along my deep purse filled with a pop or water bottle and some kind of small snack.

Maria said...

My partner refuses to buy concessions at movies (also refuses to pay a full price for the ticket so we have to go at bargain times!), so we always sneak in our own popcorn and bottle of water.

But, you know...I always feel resentful that I can't have that damn icee. I mean, I'm diabetic, so I couldn't have one anyway, but damn it...I want it.

Amie said...

"As a quick aside, I wish elected officials would quit their bitching about things that are legal. If you want to change the laws, there are ways to do that"

Love this. So true. Ugh.