Monday, April 25, 2011

Hola Cozumel!

It's been a very busy time recently and I've been tired and stressed out. School is coming to a close and I am very excited, but I have so much to do in the three weeks before that happens. On the plus side though, in just about a month, I will be lounging on the beaches in Cozumel, Mexico! My Dad is going down there to make use of his recently acquired scuba diving certification and he's generously letting me tag along. Free vacation in Cozumel with my awesome Dad? YES PLEASE!

I love Cozumel. I've been there three times before. The first time was in May 2004 when I spent 7 days down there with a friend from law school. It was a wonderful time. I was getting over a major heartbreak and Cozumel was just what I needed to relax after the preceding few months of heartache and pain. The next two visits were both in 2008 and I was there for only a few hours because I was on cruises both times. This time, I'll be there Monday - Friday and I am SO looking forward to some leisurely strolling time. While Dad is diving, I will be snorkeling, lying on the beach, reading, relaxing, shopping, and just generally letting my mind and body rest. When Dad is not scuba diving, we will do some things together (horseback riding for sure and we're still deciding on the other things we will do). We will also be eating at Ernesto's Fajitas, which is my very favorite restaurant down there.

My Dad and I travel really well together, we've done it several times before, so I know it will be a great time. Having something like this to look forward to makes the stress of the next three weeks a lot easier to deal with.


Gypsy said...

have fun!!! I love Cozumel.

Jill said...

never heard of it and I'm so jealous! fun!

Luis Arriola said...

Hope you had fun in cozumel. It´s always good to keep going to see how much the scuba diving and snorkeling tours have expanded over the years. There is always something new to see or a new way of exploring the place.