Thursday, April 7, 2011

Relief, Food, Books, and Also Some Other Stuff

I'm still feeling the relief from passing my comps exam. I have been totally exhausted this week though. I think the mental energy I expended on that exam for so long has literally sapped me of my physical energy. Thankfully, I didn't have a lot to do this week so I've been able to sleep/nap as needed. I went to my practicum site on Tuesday for about four hours, but they didn't have anyone for me to test so I hung out, chatted with my co-workers, did a little research, and came home. 

Today, I had lunch with a friend I've been trying to get together with since November. We both have had crazy schedules so it was difficult to find free time at the same time. We were finally able to do it today and had a 2-hour lunch catching up and eating some good food (California Pizza Kitchen). She is a great person who is also pursuing a degree in psychology so, among many other things, we have that in common. 

After lunch, I went across the street to Barnes and Noble where I took my time to browse the stacks. I love bookstores and can (and have) spend hours inside them. I didn't buy anything since I have books I need to read stacked up at home, but it was nice to get some ideas for things to read in the future. Also, the quiet, relaxed atmosphere of the bookstore was very calming.

Tomorrow, I will be sleeping in and then working in the afternoon at the company I do technical writing for. Being an independent contractor is very nice because I can make my own schedule and, for the most part, work at my own pace. I love that. 

On Saturday, I am heading back to Victoria for a required colloquium. I have to attend two of the four of those offered during the semester for my practicum. I attended one in March and this one will finish my obligation. It will be SO nice to drive to Victoria without worrying about the exam. It is going to be a much more relaxed drive than it was last weekend. I plan to blast the music and just have fun driving. 

After the colloquium, my classmates and I are going to have lunch together. There will be about six of us. I am very lucky in that my classmates are also my friends. We are very supportive of one another and we are all a bit sad that many of us are graduating and we won't be seeing each other in person on a regular basis anymore. So we decided to plan this lunch as a way to get together one last time.

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Jill said...

I miss my friends from college....haven't seen them in a couple years. we're all spread across the country. and the world. have friends who teach internationally...