Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome Brayden!

Yesterday was Easter, but it was also a celebration of the birth of a precious little boy. Brayden is my dear friend, Drew's,  little one. He was supposed to show up in early May, but apparently he decided that he wanted to hang out with all of us sooner than that. So yesterday, his momma's water broke very early in the morning and the wait was on!

This is the first child for Drew and the second for his wife, Niki. Niki has a beautiful 14-year-old daughter. For Niki's sake, I was hoping the labor would go quickly. I always feel badly for women who labor for hours and hours and hours. As it turned out, I ended up feeling badly for Niki. It took 14 hours for Brayden to finally show up. And, as it turned out, Niki could not get the epidural because the anesthesiologist showed up too late. Brayden was also face up (he should have been face down) so it was a rough back labor for Niki. She went through it like a champ and last night around 8 p.m., Brayden made his debut.

This afternoon, I went to the hospital to meet my little nephew. Although I am not related to Drew, he is very much a brother to me. His mother and my mother were best friends for over 50 years. Drew and I went to law school together, he was one year ahead of me. We hung out nearly every day during the summer of 2003 and had dinner at Chili's so frequently that we became great friends with one of the waitresses there who started giving us free drinks since we came in so often. We've shared a lot - the law school experience, heartaches, dating the wrong people, and finally dating the right people. I was at his wedding and was thrilled when he called to say that Brayden was on his way.

I love Drew's wife as much as I love him, but I think my love for their little boy is going to eclipse the love I have for them. He is just too precious. I held him for hours this afternoon and he was just so wonderful. He slept and slept and moved his little arms around and then woke up and looked at me and I immediately saw his father's expressions in his tiny little scrunched up face. He's definitely his father's son. 

I can't wait to watch this little one grow up and I am certain that I will receive calls like this "Aunt Lawfrog, Dad won't buy me thelatestandgreatestelectronicdevice and it's NOT FAIR! Will you get it for my birthday?" And I probably will. Not always of course, but I can see myself giving into this kid. He's already got me wrapped around his itty bitty little finger.

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oh so precious!