Sunday, July 24, 2011

Go, Go, Go...STOP!

So the last couple of months have been weird. Well, not really weird, more of a transition period. Beginning in June of last year, my life was on fast forward. I started my first (of three) practicums (practical training for the M.A. degree for those who don't know) at a psychiatric hospital. I was also driving 5 hours round-trip twice a week to my university class. In addition to that, I continued practicing law, just a case here and there, and also working as a technical writer. It was a full plate to say the least.

In August, I took six weeks off from my practicum to temporarily move to San Antonio and care for my father who had quadruple bypass. He came through the surgery with flying colors and has since lost a lot of weight and gotten into going to the gym, scuba diving, etc. So he is now doing well.

I returned to Houston in October and worked through December at my practicum. I started in January at a new practicum site that was 116 miles round-trip. My supervisor was incompetent and dealing with her was a nightmare. I ended up at a different site than I expected, which was great because the people there were wonderful, but I still had to deal with my horrible supervisor from time to time. She had good intentions, but you know what they say about that, road to hell, etc. 

Anyway, in the midst of dealing with her and finishing my practicum experience, I was also studying for my comprehensive exam, which was required to graduate. I had missed it in November by four percentage points so passing it this time was crucial. It was unbelievably stressful, but I got through it. I thought May would be easier because I finished my practicum and my mother came to visit for a couple of weeks for my graduation. Well, as those who have read my blog before are aware, my mother was hospitalized twice while here in Houston and she missed my graduation. It was a very stressful time for us all.

I recap all of this to give some quick background to what I have been doing since the beginning of June, which is basically nothing at all. I have been seeing friends, catching up with everyone, getting ready to study for my National Counselor Examination (NCE), which I will take in September, and applying for jobs. I spend a lot of time though sleeping, generally resting, and just "being." I have started back to the gym five days a week, which feels great, I've lost weight, I picked up an easy pet sitting gig for some extra cash, I am working on a couple of legal cases, and I feel I am getting my life back on track. I have started clearing out my home office, getting it organized and streamlined. I'm selling/donating a lot of things that no longer fit my life. It feels good.

The last few months have been go, go, go with no time to even take a breath or think clearly. I cannot overestimate the value of being able to sleep, rest, and have an easy schedule. After the last year, it's not only desirable, it's a necessity.


Dauphyfan said...

It's amazing what you have accomplished and what you have been through this past year. It's one of those defining times that help you realize what you are truly made of. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I need to take a break after reading that. I'm tired. Keep on going!! (but remember, those little moments of quiet for YOU...) burnout is a killer.

Maria said...

Holy shit. Sit down and put your feet up.