Monday, August 22, 2011


I love learning new things. I know a little about a lot of eclectic things. One of the ways I learn things is by watching documentaries. I really enjoy documentaries on a variety of subjects. Lately, I've been watching quite a few documentaries on Netflix and I want to share some of the more interesting ones. I am sure I will have more at a later time, but for now here are four that I have recently enjoyed.

UNFORGOTTEN: 25 YEARS AFTER WILLOWBROOK:  An expose of the Willowbrook State School where developmentally delayed children were placed in New York. The school closed, but some of the wounds inflicted there never did. Watch this before Cropsey as Cropsey has a lot of connection with Willowbrook. This can be viewed on Hulu as well as Netflix.

CROPSEY: The story of children who were kidnapped and murdered in Staten Island, New York. A man by the name of Andre Rand was arrested for one of the murders and tried for another. This is a fascinating look at the crimes and the man who was accused of them.

THE VACCINE WAR:  An interesting view on both sides of the vaccine debate in America. People on both sides discuss the issues related to vaccinating children or not doing so and what that means for the families and the public at large.

THE MEDICATED CHILD: Psychiatric drugs are being prescribed to younger and younger children in large numbers. What does this mean for the children, for society, and for the pharmaceutical companies making these drugs?

Both The Vaccine War and The Medicated Child can be viewed on Frontline on PBS.


Jason, as himself said...

Really interesting stuff!

I wish I could get myself to watch more documentaries. Usually when I finally sit down in front of the TV, I just want to zone out and be entertained. And drink wine.

S.I.F. said...

Oh man! I can see myself getting totally sucked in (and being totally traumatized and sickened!) by all of these!

Thanks a lot. Like I really needed 8 more hours of my time sucked away from me! ;)

Lawfrog said...

Jason - I don't blame you at all for wanting to zone out and drink wine when you finally get to sit down in front of the TV. When you work all day, especially when you are a teacher, that's about all you can manage. My best friend is a teacher and the exhaustion is evident in her voice whenever we talk after she's done with a very long day at school.

SIF - I am terrible for presenting you with an additional opportunity for a time suck. LOL! It is so easy for me to get sucked into these things, I'm glad I'm not alone. If you do get around to watching any of the documentaries I listed, let me know what you think! I'd love to chat with someone about them.

Maria said...

I ADORE documentaries and Bing swears that this is why I consistently beat her butt at Jeopardy.