Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cold, Cozumel, Clear Water

I have a cold. I hate having a cold. I can handle natural disasters  and death. I am good in a crisis. I come through for anyone, anytime no matter what is going on. But if I have a cold or the flu, I shut down. I whine, I complain, I moan. I hate the way it just completely stops my life because I can't breathe and I feel so exhausted. 

The upside to it all is that I got the cold now, which means that in a few days I will be feeling much better. This is a good thing because in a few days, I will be in Cozumel, Mexico once again!! I am SO excited! My Dad and I are heading south once more for a few days of rest and relaxation in one of our favorite travel destinations. This is the third time we've been this year (previously went in May and August) and this will be my sixth time there total. I went once in 2004 when I stayed for 7 days, twice on cruises in 2008 when I was there for just one day, and then the previous two times this year when I stayed for several days. I love Cozumel! I don't know what it is about that place, but it's one of my very favorite cities. It's so laid back and relaxing. The water is an unbelievable color, so blue and refreshing. 

I will be getting certified as a scuba diver. My father was certified earlier this year and will take some advanced courses while we're there. We're also going to go horseback riding and swim with the dolphins. We're both really looking forward to diving together and having fun. I love my Dad and I am so blessed that in my adulthood, we are not only father/daughter, but also friends. We love hanging out together. The same is true for my mother and me. I am grateful for that.

I'll be sending regular blog reports from Cozumel just like I did last time so for all those who want to know the goings-on down south, you can read all about it here!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Random Continuation

Continuing with the random thoughts because I am just feeling random these days:

I sometimes wonder how porn stars answer the question "What do you do?" I think the most succinct answer there would be "Everyone."

I've recently come across a couple of products that I think are awesome so I am going to share these finds with all of you:

1. Degree Deodorant Motion Sense. My gym was giving out free travel-sized samples of this. I took one home and tried it. Wow, this stuff really works. I took it with me to Cozumel and it kept working even after I walked miles in the humidity and general heat. 

2. Skintimate Shaving Gel Signature Scents. This stuff is great because I never cut myself when I use it and it smells terrific.

I recently found a great documentary site. I love documentaries and I am always thrilled when I can watch them for free online. The site is Documentary Storm. I am currently watching a documentary about Body Dysmorphia - Voluntary Amputation. It's about people who are perfectly healthy, but believe their leg(s) do not belong on their body and they want to have them amputated. Interesting stuff particularly for me as a psychology to speak. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Complete and Total Randomness

So the purging/donating has continued and I have made some great progress at shedding a whole lot of stuff that does not fit my life in more ways than one. Score one for me!

Amanda Knox was released from prison this week. I think that was the right decision. I find it sad that she will never again be able to enjoy Olive Garden without suffering from PTSD. I don't get why people called her "Foxy Knoxy." She's not ugly, but I'm not seeing the "foxy" thing either. She seems like a regular girl to me in terms of looks. Not ugly, not foxy. Just normal.

This evening, I was lying in bed getting ready for a short nap and it hit me just how hard it is when you really miss someone, but can't see them for awhile. I hate that feeling.

I always think it's really weird on TV shows and such when women whose husbands are cheating on them confront the mistress and/or kill the other woman (see Murder, She Wrote; several episodes of Snapped, etc.). Really? The other woman is not your problem ladies, your problem is the cheating husband. If you're going to kill someone, kill him. LOL!

I don't understand people on Facebook who have to turn a joke post into something serious. For example, I once posted something making fun of customers who are dumb and said something like "My friends who work in customer service will appreciate this." And someone came along and posted a huge missive about how customer service people can sometimes suck too, etc. Geeze people, just let the joke be a joke and move on, OK?

On the same note, I don't understand people who must post on Facebook on topics where their opinion is not wanted or necessary. The example here would be someone who is posting a Christian verse and one of their atheist friends comes along and starts to argue the merits of said verse. 

This works in reverse as well. It's not necessary for Christian friends (or insert whatever belief system, opinion, etc. here) to try and convince atheists that they are wrong for their beliefs. The Christian verse and/or atheist discussion does not need to be infiltrated by those who disagree. Let your friends have their belief systems (or non-belief systems) or whatever. It's really OK for someone to think differently than you do and it is really OK not to comment on it. People seem to have this desperate need to defend their beliefs even when it isn't necessary or warranted. Get some self-esteem, be OK with believing in your own stuff and MOVE ON!

That's it for now.